Minutes slowly pass

Time is barely dragging on

Daylight is soon spent

Shrinking into night

Pain in my breast

Lying in deep sorrow

Waiting, watching

Then I hear it,

The gentle

Tap, tap

Of small rocks

On glass

I turn

To my window

And see him

Standing behind

To join him

I redress

And open the


Crawl out

Climb across the roof

Then down to the ground

Planning my steps,


But I slip

Tumbling faster and faster

Down the shingles

He caught me

Didn't point and laugh

But wiped my tears

Of fear

From my face

And set me down

On my two feet and we start off

Silently for the woods

After a few minutes of

Fast walking

We find his car

Parked at the opening

Of the woods

We climb in and are off

Going nowhere

But somewhere


Minutes fly by

With him holding

My hand and the

Radio playing

Song after song

From a country road

To the road going into town

Someone coming

Right at us

Too hard and too fast

We swerve

Not far enough

I start awake

Mom and dad

The pained, disapproving looks

Then my mind registers

The pain and the


The tears in

Mom's eyes

Then the white room

Sinks in

The metal bed,

The I.V.

I start to stretch

My legs but

Pain claws up them

Wincing, I leave it

Where it lay

We rammed into the

Electric pole

And the oncoming car

Hits on the driver's side

Both drivers are dead

I don't want to make it

And have to live without


I lay back on the

Pillows and remember

His grin

The way his eyes sparkled

His laugh

His dreams

Our love

And now he's gone

I feel myself slowly

Sinking into a

Quick-sand of depression

Days pass

Mom and dad

Hold up the


I see no point

My heart can't take

So long without him

I sink

I fall

So low

Into myself

I am cold and


To the world outside


My own worst enemy

Is still that dead driver

The one that killed


But my body hates within

Itself, my own turned against


Days pass further

I refuse my body's healing

Death looms in

My doorway

Death needn't

Step in

Unsteadily, I rise

And greet him

Becoming one

With him,

Departing unto him

And even in death

The gods let

Me hold his broken

Body and love him


For death is our

Chance for true


Our only window

Of chance