Like fleeting wisps of day, covering, enshrouding, seeping into the dark, she could feel the bird wings stir around her as the sun shied away from the earth again. The deep, knawing sensation of clandestine affairs and guilt somehow managed to twist inside of this Goddess, making it known that even immortals aren't masters of despondency.

Or love, for that matter. Not all of them.

Now a stillness lie in her arms. A fever. A virus. A person. So it was that this ailment was a lover to the man as she was a lover to him... should she be jealous that at least this disease could dwell freely inside him, consume him, make it so his every waking moment was devoted to her? Or should she cry that no matter what the cause, this man would be taken?

Immortality is grossly overrated.

He moaned a painful tune. "Sleep..." she commanded, through that hissing, soul infesting voice. "Sleep, and know some peace until tomorrow." Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead and he tried to speak, yet he only managed the words, "I tried not to..." in a disjointed sentence. "I tried not to fall in... with... but I ..." Valiantly as he tried, there would be no end to this phrase. Her lips were pressed to his in an almost forceful kiss, the melancholy of the cave closing in all around them...

She wouldn't let him finish that sentence.

A week fades into history and it's one of the most agonizing ones since the Trojan War. Flames licked the centers of his eyes to a dull black from a plane she couldn't extinguish, or even gaze upon. She assumed, from the heat of his flesh, that there had to be fire involved, because she could never truly lock stares. Medusa, remember? The price of a glance lie all around her: in the statues that gazed over the washing sea, the dead stare of an empty tomb, the cool retreat from an even cooler world.

"Medusa..." she hears him say. His heart; thudding, thudding, thudding. Slightly weaker than it was before. She hisses him silent, fangs glinting in the dim, cavern light, the waters outside sparkling in undisturbed barrenness as syphilis claims him further. Ah, syphilis. The word itself is a hiss in three syllables.

"Please..." he continues on, like the brave soldier that he once was. Thudding, thudding, thudding.... she listens intently know for the drumming of wings from beneath his chest, yet she doesn't know what to say. Days, she knew. Mere days. She'd never thought of time as precious because it was something that was always in abundance. Now she clung to those tiny fibers as if she could weave him a lifesaving tapestry.

The sound of a wave crashing is mistaken for the reverberation of her broken heart when she realizes the rhythm has only become weaker.

Last day. She knew it. They both knew it. She recalls how they never went near the water for fear of her seeing her own reflection. Her brass hands raked dark indentations along the surrounding stones - a trait that all of the Gorgon sister's had - as she listened for the dull sound of his life force, even now.

Thudding, thudding.... she couldn't even hear it now.

"Love..." she whispers, her voice naturally a bone chilling chorus. "Immortality by the sea is not what I have in mind... Lend me your eyes. We can toss the rest."

And he did.

As his gaze fluttered open, she viewed in his eyes, for the first time, her own reflection. Snakes in her hair. Sallow skin. A radiance of so much terror that it made her own stomach go weak. How could have have bared to gaze upon this atrocity for so long? His breath caught and his fate absorbed him as he turned to stone, the most beautiful statue in her lair. And the last one, she thought, a look of tragedy melting from her features and into what was once a cave… but now a tomb.

She didn't even bother to regain her composure as she became a figure of rock, tears freezing as the liquid flowed freely, their heartbeats stopping as one, just as in synch as they'd always been. Beating as one… Ending as one.

A/N: I think this story is simalar to "A Deadly Affair" in that it involves a mythical being entwined in some sort of romance. You'll see what I mean.