I have given up my freedom

I have given up my choice

I have surrendered my independence

I have given up my voice

It couldn't last forever

Though other might wish it so

But childish dreams are for childish ones

That is the way things go

I cannot live on hopes and dreams

Like so many others do

I cannot live on promises

Even by friends so true

I have made my choice

Though it will not be one you want

I have sacrificed so much

Gone back to what will haunt

I know you will be angry

I know that you will hate

But I fear it's gone to far

That now it is to late

I have acted to help my home

I have acted to shield my heart

And I know that this decision

It will tear us both apart

He has offered to take up my burden

If I will surrender to him

He has offered to guard and care for me

If I service every whim

Who am I to refuse that gift

The answer to my every prayer

I know that you will refuse to see it

And may even cease to care

But I had to make the choice

To make it right or wrong

I tried to tell you once

That I was never strong

I know that you will hate me

That you will turn away

I found I couldn't tell you

When I spoke to you that day

Your anger at your own pain

It was as effective as a gag

I didn't have the strength to face it

I fear my will did sag

I know that you will hate me

I know you'll turn away

But I have made my choice

And that's all that I can say