The Prophecy of the Dying Sky: Oracle One

The Forger

Lying in the middle of the street

Under a cracked and empty sky

The heat pounds into my flesh while

The heartbroken clouds cast despondent shadows

Across my reddened skin

Scabs fall like rain, peeling off the broken sky

The sun streams through the cracks

Heats the pavement all around me and

I am burning now

Fire creeps up and circles around my body

My eyes stare determined at the rotten sky

The clouds all stop to look and

Weep for my burning flesh

Vilified ersatz

Love me do

This was supposed to last forever so

I burn, casting away past denials

I'll think of you while I die

The sky's veins are all showing

Coursing red across its graying skin

Torn to shreds, tatters floating dejected

The sky was ripped all apart and I focus

My eyes unwavering on its corpse

As I burn, lugubrious and alone

Terrified of night and day

I'll kill myself and lay to rest along my empty sky

We were so beautiful when we were together