The Prophecy of the Dying Sky: Oracle Two

The Ephigy

Hold our child to the sky

Watch it crack and burn and drop

Little flakes of blue

Our child

With the red eye and the grey

He's like a bloody photograph

A relative that you can't stand to miss

Lock it in a box

The pictures were always painful

The sky chips away

Flakey bastard; it couldn't stand to stay

Turns to black and purple

With little fire-pink stars

The last beauty left in this world

How deep did you swallow the key?

I hold up empty hands

They smell foul like cum and bleach

Was I just your whore?

I can't wash the thought away

Watch the world start to despair

I miss the days when stars were white

The sky has veins that seem bigger now

I miss our infant tender kiss

The fragile skin that bled under

Even loving caresses

I couldn't help but harm the innocent

My unrelenting poison nails

There's no love in bloody hands

Take pills to push the pain away

Because you kept our child

Locked him in a box

You, the only one to ever touch him again

Our precious child

Left to starve, groan, suffer

All alone in your box, your chest

No attention, no love

Starving desire to be held, touched

Feel gentle finger kisses

Gut you feed him nothing

And watch the sky crumble

The world all falls down

And all the sky's veins keep getting bigger

I feel like I can touch them now

Don't neglect the growling stomach

Find a pole to hold the sky up

I'm not ready to die

Feed me

Feed me

Feed our child, don't let it die

Too late, you don't care anymore

Fucking as the sky falls down around us