Preface – A Galaxy at War

Twenty-Five hundred years into the future, mankind has migrated to the stars. Despite this ascension to the heavens, humanity is still unable to escape the never-ending cycle of undying cosmic strife.

The Destrega System was once a peaceful, united star system, a safe-haven from galaxy spanning conflict. One of the chief individuals responsible for ushering the system into its state of prosperity was Septem Eslos, Magistrate of Destrega. Once a sanctuary for those looking to live peaceful lives, Destrega, too was unable to escape the pettiness of human nature and erupted into a bloody conflict.

The instigators of this insurrection were the Patriots, led by Zamir Starbuck, a charismatic leader longing to be at the forefront of a galactic power.

And beyond Destrega, a larger war raged.

That war, a tragedy of attrition between the Galactic Space Alliance and the Confederate Dominion, its origins dating back half a century—a period of constant fighting so drawn out that the people had forgotten the true cause of the war, and knew only the pointless circle of hostility and tragedy.

That war, chronicled by the numerous battles in which entire fleets are destroyed, whole planets are rendered inhabitable, and the wills of a select few outweigh the needs of the many.

These battles, fought with armadas.

These armadas, consisting of massive space cruisers and deadly starfighters. The space cruisers, behemoths that symbolize humanity's knowledge and dominance, trade off—blow for blow. The starfighters, quick, nimble and in the hands of a true ace, able to turn the tide of battle. The soldiers, forged by duty, bound by honor, tried by fire and haunted by death, place the outcome of the battle over all else, including their lives, as they engage each other in an endless waltz of death and destruction.

In the shadows, forces conspire to bring about an end to the fighting by any means and drawing Destrega into the larger conflict in the process. And through Destrega, a legend will arise.

This is the story of that legend.

This is the story of Alpha Squadron.