When I see you
I see a Corvette.
When I drive a Corvette,
I want a Corvette.
I drive shoulders tight
against the seat back,
seatbelt tight
across my chest,
in my Corvette
on a white highway,
across a flat plain
running to blue hills.
I push the pedal
to top end, hands tight,
the tires scream on the asphalt
like a low slung
galloping tiger pulling
the earth under stretched claws
kicking it out
under his hind legs,
until the wind over the roof
quiets the world and
the road is the width
of the windshield
at one hundred thirty five
miles an hour.
Running to the hills,
up the grade,
into a hairpin turn,
power slide one eighty
steering by throttle,
a feather footed fool
driving like hell has
opened and only
my Corvette can outrun
Satan and all his
State troopers all the way back
to reality where
I can't afford the
insurance and need
a back seat and a trunk.
The keys go on the hook.
I walk away and
There you are
My blue pearl Corvette,

just close enough
to hear the engine
as you go by.
I can hold, but
I can't hold on.
My mind runs
a thousand ways it could work,
a thousand things that
would have to change
and some things never change.
Its easy when I can't see you.
Its easy when
you are far away,
but there you are.
I know I can live
without you when
I am without you
but when I am with you
I am sure I will
die without you.