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Tears have come out,

showing all sorrows.

Screaming have been shout,

calling all angels.

A family torn apart,

separated by god's anger.

A soul lost,

in a chaos that meant to happen.


It was nobody's plan,

except one.

It was nobody's wish,

neither do he.

Bit this must occur,

to awaken those whose asleep.

To tell the world,

that we all the same.


As everybody is alarmed,

this disaster keep being spoken.

Soon, everybody will be brainwashed,

forget what has happened.

Then it will start all over again,

until the last that shall bring an end.


So don't blame God,

for what has happened

as he do it because what we have done.

Just look back and realize,

we can only hope that this is the last.


A/N: I wrote this poem inspired by the Tsunami disaster and my friend's poem. I can't find the right title, any suggestion? Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )