Worst of the World


This world is about competition,

have a vision from your surrounding,

Then you'll realize,

the scene that you never see.

You'll see everyone is trying to be the best,

each one of them have no one but themselves.


Think of this,

this world is only a drama.

The language that being spoken is lies,

so no wonder the only thing you hear is lies.

Everyone has a reason for its kindness,

so don't be surprise if there's a knife behind your back.


Spot it with your eyes,

the topic in this world is hatred,

the people do nothing but war,

and think nothing but revenge.

Love is only word,

nothing more, nothing less.


What's hot on Earth is selfishness,

or you can call it self benefit,

that's what the rich call it.

It is shown in one way or another,

but yet it is shown.

It's the root of all,

of all destruction.


Just take a look at yourself,

you'll find the worst of the world

in no one but yourself.


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