Male-Order Concubine

Author: Rabuyuu

Created: 14th November 2000

Started: 23rd May 2006

Genre: Romance/Humour

Warnings: Shounen-ai, some cross-dressing (nothing serious), gambling addictions etc.

Disclaimer: Bands/brand names etc. belong to themselves/their manufacturers. Characters and situations belong to me.

Summary: Because of his father's ridiculous gambling addiction (and poor losing streak), Alec McGarret ends up the concubine to a Japanese businessman's son...How does he get himself out of this mess?

Prologue – Want to Make a Bet?

2nd July 1990

"Ha! Take that you no good-for-nothing!" The young, blond-haired man hooted at his computer. Stifling his laughter he moved the mouse a little and clicked again before writing in the small box on the side. 'Ready to give up Hideko?' He typed, the font showing up in the box in bright purple.

The response was immediate and came in a dark blue. 'You wish McGarret', it proclaimed.

Matthew McGarret scoffed at the man's – Hideko's – reply but clicked the mouse again to make another move. He laughed out loud once more when it showed up positive. He was on a winning streak today! Hideko was going down!

"I hope you're not playing poker on the computer again Matthew," a voice warned from the adjoining room.

Matthew jumped but quickly switched the programmes he was on and pulled up his report for work, busily typing in a few lines just before his wife entered the room, carrying two-year-old Alec in her arms. Hanako McGarret looked sternly at her husband whilst he smiled back innocently. She looked suspiciously at the computer for a while and sighed when she saw his report. She wasn't so sure if the twenty-five year old was only making it seem like he wasn't doing something he shouldn't, or whether he was actually doing his work properly. He had always been sneaky when doing something wrong...

She gave him a glance, smiling slightly when she saw his eyes on the toddler in her arms. "I'm going out with a friend for a while," she informed him to which Matthew only nodded in reply. "I'll only be gone for around half-an-hour at most. Can you look after Alec for me while I'm gone? You know how Ashley hates children..." She gave him another look, pleased at Matthew's weak nod in response. He knew she wouldn't take no for an answer. Nodding slightly she bent her head and kissed the toddler's soft blond hair, bidding him goodbye before leaving, issuing one more warning about gambling to her husband before she left.

Matthew breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as his son crawled around the room on hands and knees, looking into every nook and cranny. He thought for a while before typing in, 'Kids are great, aren't they Hideko?' He didn't expect a reply, he didn't even know if Hideko had any kids. For all he knew the top-Japanese businessman didn't even have a wife! Therefore he was surprised at the reply, 'Yeah, my child is the best thing in the world to me.'

Which made Matthew think a while before a smile broke out over his lips and he cracked his fingers, startling the toddler who was currently sitting underneath his computer. Matthew stared at the boy for a moment, smiling as large, blue eyes blinked up at him.

"What about it Alec? Would you mind?" At the toddler's gargled response Matthew grinned, attacking the keyboard in a flurry of typing, purple text appearing on the screen asking, "...How about we raise the stakes?"

He had to wait a few moments until another line of text appeared, "...I like the way you think McGarret."