A/N- This story's name has been changed to "Subject One" because I thought it was a more fitting name. This story was once titled "Alabama Man."


I know it has a funny name. Anyways, Alabama Man was my first real super hero type story. You wonder why it belongs in the Manga section, well, first off this story is inspired by many mangas/anime, so I'll name a few. It's inspired by DBZ and DBGT for some of the action traits, Inuyasha's wind scar was adapted to this, the use of flight was common, Travis' look was patially based off Gogeta's look in DBZ, it was inspired by the Matrix series too (noting the Matrix ripped stuff from many animes), the character had a rage form (which I hope doesn't reveal much) like the Super Saiyan or any anime with that trait, it was almost turned into a manga by my friend who was wanting to publish it, and it's base of the story was inspired by Akira. Japanese, probably not, anime and manga based, definitely. Thank you all for reading the Drifter and coming back for this. I'll try to put some awesome music in this. I'm listening to ACDC's Highway to Hell album. It rocks! This story will feature some more advanced writing, but not as advanced as my short lived Strike Ops. It will show more fluid to fights. Oh, and keep in mind the idea for this partially came from a South Park Episode a long time ago. Enjoy…

For Wade…

Subject One

Chapter 1

"Faded Memories"

Area 51…

The room was still quiet this late at night since most of the children were still sleeping. There were only four—a young blonde hairedchild, an identical one, and young raven haired girl, and one grey haired child lying in a capsule across the room. Two scientists sat across the room smoking a cigar while watching the kids sleep.

"I'm thinking about closing up for the night." The male scientist said quickly.

"Not yet, Subject One isn't in deep sleep yet. We can't leave him like this again. They'll wake up and get a bit angry." The female scientist said back as she looked at the machine.

The first blonde haired child rolled over before opening his eyes to see the identical twin lying down with the girl. They were asleep, so he quickly looked over at the scientists again.

"Hey one, why are you still up?" the female scientist quickly asked.

"I'm not tired." The blonde haired child—Subject One—replied.

"You need something little guy?" the male scientist said quickly.

"Yes." Subject One replied.

He stretched his arms out and in an instance began to float up from off the bed before standing up in mid air with only the blanket around his shoulders. The two scientists panicked because of his sudden behavior. The male scientist turned to make a rush for the alarm. Subject One leaned his head to the side before lifting up his right arm. Near the base of his shoulder lye a tattoo of the number one that began to glow with an ominous orange light before the boy clenched his right hand into a fist. The male scientist stopped moving before feeling every bone in his body begin to throb with pain.

"I was nice to you! Don't kill me Tra--…" the male scientist gasped before his windpipe closed up.

The upper portion of his spine bent down, breaking open his body and causing blood to spew out of his mouth. Subject One swept his arm over the area once then caused the male scientist to explode into a puddle of bloody chunks.

"Don't kill me!" the female scientist cried next as she backed into a wall.

"What was that he was about to say?" Subject One asked as he hovered down to her. "He was about to say a name. What was he about to call me? I don't want to crush your skull now."

Subject One began to squeeze his palm which caused the female scientist's head to start to throb. She tried to move, but there was some invisible hold on her head that was growing ever closer to crushing her skull before being cut off by two more voices behind him. The two other children stood up before getting dressed to handle him.

"Subject One, you know what your doing is wrong." The identical child—Subject Two—said quickly.

"I'm the first one to fight back." Subject One replied before slipping on a pair of shorts behind the counter. "I'm breaking out of here rather if you like it or not Subject Two."

"You will have to get through us though!" the raven haired girl—Subject Three—quickly exclaimed. "Not even the original test subject could stop us if he wanted to. What makes you different?"

Subject One filled out his threat by focusing on the female scientist's lungs as she struggled for air before her lungs collapsed inside her chest. She fell while Subject One floated over to the center of the room.

"You have not been able to fully utilize your powers yet. If you leave you'll never be able to unleash your potential." Subject Two said quickly.

"Let's crush him." Subject Three demanded.

The two lifted up off the ground quickly like hummingbirds before gracefully moving over to Subject One. They both prepared to hit him with rather quick spin kicks to his face. Subject One swung his arms out before bending down to duck under their strikes. As they passed over, he came up and struck Subject Three first with one short powerful kick that not even she or Subject Two could prevent. The single strike hit her face so hard that it broke the bone around her eye before taking her head first into the floor. Subject Two turned just quickly enough to catch a spinning kick to the face that hit so quickly it cut open his face like a blade. Subject One spun once backwards in mid air before coming with a drop kick that knocked his enemy into a dresser set up for them.

Subject Two hit it so hard that the wooden chips dug into his back while pieces of the mirror flung out onto the floor. Blood filled the ground in their fall, so now this gave Subject One the opportunity to do his finisher. He lifted his hands into the air to move a few syringes on the dead female scientist's blouse into his hands. The syringes were filled with Liquid Hydro Codon which would be enough to sedate the two for a few hours. Subject Three tried to lift herself up off the ground before feeling a cold syringe enter her neck. Both of her eyes strained as she tried to move. The sedative took its effect quickly enough to put her out of commission.

Subject Two couldn't even move after the blow he just took from his opposite. The second syringe came down on a vein in his chest before injecting him completely. The liquid went on and started to ease the pain rather quickly before he passed out. Subject One turned to the door before making his getaway. After getting halfway through the base, things seemed to jump forwards without warning. The young child held his head before finding himself outside of the base with a wall of fire behind him. After looking forwards, the grey haired child from inside the capsule stood in front of him.

"Subject One, you're time has come near its end." The grey haired child said before his long hair waved upwards.

Subject one quickly backed up before seeing the desert bend around him. The sand already started to suck him into the ground where he couldn't move his body any more. The grey haired child lifted up into the air while closing his hands together. Subject One shook his head once as the sand still continued grinding into him. He let out one blood curdling scream before the very tip of his skull blew directly open.

32 Years Later…

Travis quickly rose up from off the bed with almost no air in his lungs. The nightmare was much more fearful this time because the ending of death was something he'd never witnessed before. After the air reached his lungs, he screamed in fear again to get the shock out of him.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Travis screamed before trying to get more air in his lungs.

DT and Jon were bombed out on the couch barely even sober as they passed another blunt around. When the screams came in, DT quickly held out his tongue and dabbed the end of it on his finger before standing up with Jon.

"Come on, you know the drill!" Jon exclaimed.

"I told you it was going to happen again tonight. He has that same fucking dream every single month right on the 15th day." DT replied as he walked towards the bedroom where Travis lay.

Travis sat up before feeling his lung cave in on him. The thoughts were even more evil this time—who's doing this to me? DT walked around to Travis before kneeling down and forming a fist in his right hand.

"Ready? Just relax. This will only take a second!" DT exclaimed.

He swung his arm forwards and struck Travis so hard in the chest that the pain interrupted the dreams in his mind. When the dreams went away to be welcomed with pain, Travis' lungs went back to normal so he could breathe.

"Ok man, I think we can safely say that you've had enough chronic." Jon said quickly as he felt his buzz die down.

"What? Fuck you! I've been smoking since I was 12, so I know a thing or two about it. You two, let's go ahead and grab a beer because I'm not sleeping anymore tonight." Travis quickly demanded before standing up and putting his shirt and socks on.

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea. What if staying up too late is causing this?" DT asked.

"So whose side are you on now?" Travis asked as his normal stoner paranoia came on.

"I was just making sure you wanted to stay up. We're hitting that lab tomorrow and it might be a little rough." DT said quickly but firmly.

"Yeah. I'm going to be fine. I'll shake it off by tomorrow. I've stayed up for days and went on Meth busts before." Travis said quickly.

"Yeah, you know me… I'm Travis. For the past 14 years me and my two friends have been fighting Meth heads all over the country. The stuff is nasty, it kills faster than any other drug, and to me I think the effects look nasty. Well, that dream… I'm still trying to figure that out. Every time I have it I feel as if some voice is calling out for me. That's always when I wake up though. I'm not too sure what happened, what was up with the dream or who it is in the dream, all I know is that I've been friend with DT and Jon for years. It's not like I'm a bad person—hell I love my job! I'm known in the south as the one and only Alabama Man because I've kept so many in line. I'm not from the south though. I think my roots rest somewhere up north, but it doesn't bother me. I'm not all southern accent-like-or something of the other, but I'm happy. I help people. We were just getting out early morning j-break in before getting the job done."

Travis and DT finished up quickly before getting their weapons loaded. DT slipped a clip into his Desert Eagle before cocking the gun into place. At the same time, Travis loaded up his Franchi PA-8E along with the AT-2000s he always kept under his vest. AT-2000s were Swiss made Autoloader pistols that were usually used often on the sets of movies. Travis' held up to 15 shots per clip, so now he was more than ready to kick some ass with them. DT's Desert Eagle was Israeli made, but he always loved the kick of it. Desert Eagles are stereotypically used in fiction usually because people figured they were the opposite of the pistol—not true—but lots of people never knew that it was impossible to use one with one hand. The kick fire of the gun was more than enough to break one's hand to pieces if not fired right. Travis quickly put on his head band and his old fashioned Kevlar vest before shaking the ash off of his cargo pants. Jon walked to the door and opened it up for the two.

"You guys ready to kick some ass?" Jon asked.

"Yeah." Travis said before walking out the door.

"Another meth lab, another day." DT said quickly before walking out the door.

"Welcome to my world."

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