A/N- Well it's been along journey. I hadn't expected this story to take THIS DAMN LONG but it did and I'm a little disappointed with that. But one thing I'm happy about is the fact it's actually coming to an end. Normally I do a big ass thank you chapter for all the readers, but seeing as this story was on a continuous update string and went about four years without an update, a lot of the old readers aren't around anymore. I can thank the ones here who have actually read this and still are reading. The journey Travis has traveled finally ends tonight. I'm happy to see his path come to a close. No sequel planned like the original version had (but the sequel took a nose dive) but the future is wide open for other works. Thank you once again. I can finally lay this character to rest forever until one day when he may be pulled out for a novel. But that's a day that may never come...

Chapter 32

"Zero Hour"

Spirit vs Spirit

Jon stared back into the city's brittle image where the fog of war began to settle in. It's grey presence on the ground began to envelope everything in it's death grip. Travis tried to breathe. The thick plume of dust on his lungs continued to fight with him. Deep down he could feel something starting to creep up. He lifted his fist up to his mouth to cough. As the mucus left his throat, Helix materialized in front of him in this open opportunity. His right hand quickly clenched shut and drove forwards into Travis's chest. A ball of mucus shot out of his mouth. It floated through the air gracefully as Travis began to hunch forwards.

Helix pulled back. After receiving the strike, Travis threw his knee up to Helix's face. The strike went straight through him. Once he saw that he'd made contact with Helix's after image, another fist came into the back of his ribcage. Travis began to stumble forwards. With every step the hopes of winning the struggle started to diminish. In the past minute he already felt an immense surge in Helix's strength. Within that short time his power had almost quadrupled. The sudden increase was far beyond what he was expecting. Helix lifted up off the ground with immense force to deliver a quick roundhouse.

Travis felt Helix's shin drive into jaw. The power from the attack nearly severed his jaw, but the sudden attack sent him flying to his left. As he flailed through the air, he tried to gain control. With a quick flip, Travis was able to land on his feet. Upon hitting the ground he started to slide backwards. The golden aura around him suddenly exploded. His body then shot forwards towards his opponent. Helix smiled. Travis swung his fist forwards only to watch it go through another illusion. Helix's body had faded into a black mist before forming over Travis' blind spot. He delivered a quick jab into Travis' face before having to double back and evade another attack. Again, Travis punched through another cloud-like illusion only to be struck from another direction. He stumbled once more to his right.

The two separated. Travis wiped his mouth of his own blood while getting into his defensive stance again. Helix stood his his arms crossed. The presence of fear he once had was now a ghost lost in the battle. With their auras blazing, the two suddenly faded away before materializing across the debris covered grounds. Travis had been struck again in the high speed pursuit. It continued. Constantly, the two continued to warp around at blazing speeds. Travis wasn't gaining any grounds of good clean blows. Every time they materialized, Travis continued to take another strike. After the pursuit continued, Helix warped into the open with the dark grin still burnt on his face. Travis bought his elbow towards him. Just like before, his target vanished into nothing. Helix suddenly appeared behind him to grab a hold of Travis' long strands of hair. Travis felt his scalp beginning to scream as he soon found himself being spun around.

Helix ended the little chase by slinging him over to a crumbling building. Travis smashed back-first into one of the pillars. His aura faded. All of the energy from his super form suddenly vanished and reverted him back to normal. Helix followed through with his heel straight forward for a kill shot. Travis left his head down. Once his opponent made contact, he let out a scream. Helix crossed his arms again before continuing with a flurry of kicks and knees.

"I don't even need my arms to beat you," Helix said to him as he continued striking. Travis took it all. He was running out of option and had to think of something. Helix drove his right knee into his chest finally with his full strength. Travis felt his ribs starting to crack. "What hope do you have of saving this planet? If you won, what would you do? You can't even beat your own scars left on you and you expected to defeat me."

Travis let out a another grunt as Helix continued to force his knee deeper into his chest. The struggle was starting to become hopeless in just seconds.

"Come on Travis, this is it. It's everything or nothing." Brandon's voice echoed. Travis felt tears building up in his eyes. Another voice began to speak out to him beyond Helix's.

"You're far beyond this. I know if you could stop me and the others you can defeat Helix. You have to tap into that positive energy like before. It's your only choice." Jet said to him.

"Travis, you don't want to go down like this. Kell-ay and your kid are in your hands now, not mine. Do it Travis!" DT continued. They were all there for him. He tried to muster up his strength.

"Come on bro, just like old times! When it looks bad it always gets better. Do it for your friends," Smokey's voice started to echo to him. "Do it for your family. Don't let this punk beat you!"

Travis froze. At the moment he couldn't feel anything. He'd forgotten where he was or who he was. This was the deciding factor of it all. As the tears began to flow from his eyes, a grin began to light up behind his fear.

"I know. Root for me guys," Travis said mentally. He lowered his arms as the area around him started to glow white. The energy deep inside of him started to flow through to his skin. "I'm gonna put my foot straight through him."

Helix continued to force his knee into him. Suddenly he felt Travis' power explode up towards catastrophic levels. The building behind him buckled under the power before crumbling. Travis let out one final scream as the white aura began to flow from his pores. He drew his sword handle. The blade suddenly materialized while Helix felt the sudden increase push him back. Travis' hair began to shine white. The building fell straight into it's own foot print as he moved forwards. Helix dashed back at the last second when he noticed Travis' sword coming towards him. The blade barely grazed Helix's left cheek, causing a stream of blood to shoot out. Helix gritted his teeth before having to take evasive actions.

Travis quickly swung towards him. Helix quickly cupped his hand. A surge of power traveled through his body and towards his hand. The blade from a sword jutted from the opening in Helix's hand to block Travis' strike. As the cold steel clashed, a loud clang blasted through the empty space around. Helix pulled away before coming in with a death blow to put an end to the match. Travis warped through the cutting edge before appearing behind him. The two dematerialized again. Just like before, buildings around them began to crack and explode from the two constantly exchanging blows. Travis appeared a good distance away from his target ready to go in for more. He dashed forwards. Helix immediately lunged towards him. He came down with another slash, but only watched his blade go through a quick after image.

"Show yourself!" Helix shouted as he looked around. The air behind him began to whistle. Immediately he turned aft to the sound to see Travis' blade flying alone towards him. Just as it reached close enough to do damage, Helix did a quick back flip to lunge over the killing blade. The sharp edge went directly under him before finally disappearing. Confused, Helix looked up only to see Travis spinning horizontally at high speed. Travis quickly brought his foot in and delivered a deathly spinning kick directly into Helix's chin. The sudden collision froze the two in place. Helix dropped his weapon along with his guard, leaving Travis open for another quick strike. His fist rose over Helix. Without an instant to even think, Travis swung directly into Helix's stomach.

Helix gritted his teeth yet while managing to stay in place. He looked over to Travis just as another strike was delivered. Angered, a black aura began to swarm his body. Travis stared back down to him before feeling his opponent tapping into his own reserve of hidden power. The two began to glow. The battle was at a stand still. Travis started to feel himself starting to break as his brother's power began to swell to its peak.

"Is this what you've been hiding this whole time?" Travis asked him. Helix was silent as he kept his stance. The black aura around him swelled to new levels as he finally reached his limit.

"This is everything. Letting me power up like this will be your down fall." Helix replied. Travis smiled.

"Good, then let's just kick it up to the next level then. I know I can go further; I know you're not going to defeat me today. If you take me out, then by god I'll take you straight to hell with me!"

With not an instant to spare, the two clashed again. Travis dove in with every ounce of motivation he had. As fast as he could throw a strike Helix was able to deflect. Travis noticed Helix bring his arms apart for a double hammer fist strike. As his fists closed in, Travis' body bulged as more energy began to flow into him. He immediately followed through with an uppercut. Helix froze as he felt Travis' fist enter his chest. The strike had began to slowly crack through his ribs while his organs beneath flattened. He cringed as the blunt pain began to turn sharp. As Travis prepared for the next attack, Helix quickly recovered.

A blast of ki ruptured—this time sending Travis flying down towards the ground. Helix began to channel all of his power into his aura. He had already grown weary to the battle. Travis spun to quickly make a swift landing on the ground below. After landing, debris began to shoot out from the momentum of his feet sliding through the pavement below. He landed in a high right knee to see the destructive aura of his foe above. Seeing Helix with his arms to his side began to remind him of the battle with Subject Two months earlier.

"Are you really going to destroy the world Helix? There's not going to be anything left after that! You'll have nowhere to go," Travis said as he began to charge his energy. The white aura around him began to fluctuate through the Earth below. Helix had to be taken out now. Yards away, Travis' sword lifted itself above the ground before levitating towards him. "You'll end up knowing you accomplished nothing. There's no point in having all this if you mean to use it for the annihilation of man."

The blade extended after Travis grabbed onto the handle. His aura flowed into the weapon. The two forces of power slowly began to reach it's focal point.

Miles away...

"This is TKY-7, we're inbound to Neo Shinora. Our ETA is twenty minutes." The pilot said. While behind the controls of the B-52 bomber, he felt unstoppable. Beneath the wings of the aircraft was the nuclear arsenal. The beastly aircraft was armed with two nuclear missiles with the capability to deliver a blast more than 20 times that of Nagasaki. The sheer blast itself would be enough to bring the battle to a stand still—if not the end.

"Roger that, you are clear to fire when ready." the voice on the other end replied. The pilot nodded.

"Copy that control, over and out." The pilot quickly turned to his co-pilot to give the signal. "Get ready to cook this place."

"I'm arming the missile now," the co-pilot replied as he looked towards the cloud line ahead. In the horizon, a massive black cloud of energy began to swarm through. "look at that up ahead. What do you think it is?"

"I don't know, but I really don't wanna find out. I was ordered to go in here and bomb the shit out whatever is causing this. I wanna know who killed the last squad of fighters. Hurry up and cook that missile lieutenant."

Neo Shinora...

Jon tried to move as fast as his body would let him. He was nearing a set of stairs leading down to the subway beneath when the wind started to pick up. A chill went through him. He turned back to the source only to see the city behind him starting light up. In the skies above loomed a dark ball of energy. It began to increase it's size rapidly while on the ground below a lone white aura blaze under the forces of the universe. Jon felt cold.

"Travis, you better make it out of this one." Jon said as he scurried towards the subway. At this moment the best he could do was take cover—there would be no chance on Earth of outrunning the blast. The two forces across the city began to to collide. Travis held his sword horizontally over his face as his power began to swell to the limit. Helix's destructive force of energy began to draw closer towards the earth. Travis lifted the blade up and behind his head. Inside he could feel his powers starting drain out of his body and into the weapon. The black sphere consuming his brother was growing bigger by the second. Buildings around him were already starting to be consumed and obliterated by it force.

Travis awaited the right moment to attack. There was a voice in his head telling him to keep waiting until the exact second came. The dark aura had already started to make its way to ground level. It wasn't looking any better from here, but Travis knew that he couldn't fire the attack yet. His inner energy began to build upwards and then out towards his blade. At the point the sword in his hands was already glowing as bright as the sun. The massive ball of power around Helix had grown closer to Travis. All at once he felt a pulse in his body—it was time. As he brought the sword down with a quick slash, another ball of light suddenly lit up in the air to his right.

It was the missile. A nuclear blast quickly surged out of nowhere as every ounce of energy inside of Travis exploded out of the blade. Like a dart, it pierced through the black aura. However due to the extra force released from the nuclear blast, it caused Travis' aim to drastically shoot off course. Helix was in fear. He watched the deadly beam of energy from Travis' attack tear to his right while the area to his left lit up. Travis was in disbelief. As the energy attack sailed off into the sky, he quickly tapped into the very essence of his life source. It was all he had left. Tapping into it would kill him if he took too much, but this was a situation where he had no choice. The blast from the atomic weapon quickly covered the area. Helix felt his entire left side ignite in flames as the nuclear weapon consumed him.

The hundreds of square miles in the city ignited in a baptism of fire. Buildings that were tattered form the previous battle suddenly began to erupt in a black smoke. Vehicles as far as the eye could see began to react to the heat from the atomic energy. Each one went up in a ball of fire as if the sun had been born in the sky. As the mushroom cloud began to form, the ground beneath started to burn away. Suddenly a massive shock wave shot out of it's massive epicenter before moving through the city. Buildings caught in the blast were blown away like card houses in the wake of it's destruction—leaving only the melting steel frames beneath.

Miles away, Jon was inside of the subway still trying to keep sheltered. Unaware of the nuclear detonation above, he still was barely able to stand. The ground shook under the weight of the blast. The lights above began to flicker as an even brighter one began to burn through the entrance of the subway system. Without even taking a second to think, he rushed over towards a janitors closet just a few feet away as the shock wave began to close in.

"Travis, what's going on up there?" Jon asked himself as he made his way inside to safety. Seconds after he closed the door, the shock wave ripped overhead as smoke began to fill up the inside of the underground railway. Above ground, the black aura Helix had formed had begun to fall to the ground like a clouds in the middle of a rain storm. The sudden focal point of the universe's energy had begun to fade. The city was left a barren wasteland in the wake of the massive attack. Debris rained from the heavens above as steam began to rise from out of scorched earth beneath. As the smoke began to drift away in the wind, the battlefield began to slowly clear.

Miraculously after the massive attack was released, Travis found himself still alive. Inside, he was exhausted. It felt impossible to attack anybody at this point. Even with that, he could barely even stand. A shield of energy surrounding him had managed to stop the attack. It faded away quickly as he stared ahead into the lifeless mushroom cloud that had brought the battle to a screaming halt.

"I'm done, I can't do this anymore," Travis muttered as he tried to lift his hands. Tapping into his life source had pulled his fighting abilities away. He stumbled away from the blast before seeing a bright light shining out from under the dirt a few yards away. It was his sword handle. He began to move towards it, but the constant motion of his feet was draining his life at the moment too. Everything began to get blurry. "I know it's not over yet. I still have a mission, I've gotta do..."

The words were silenced immediately. A sharp pain erupted through his stomach as a long sword pierced his back. A few globs of blood splashed on the ground in front of him as the blade tore through. Travis felt the red liquid buildup in his throat as his body was lifted up. Helix had survived the nuclear detonation. Despite having half of his body horribly burnt by the strike, his battle strength still remained intact. Even at his current beaten state, his power was circulating far higher than Travis would've have hoped.

"Subject One!" hissed Helix as he lifted his right leg up. Travis wanted to scream, but he lacked the power to even do that. As far as he knew it, the fight was over. Even though he was aware of how weakened his brother was, he still couldn't do anything. If he tapped into his life source here, it was still not clear if it would be enough to put an end to his opponent. Helix kicked out, sending Travis flying off of the edge of the sword. His body flailed forwards through the air. Blood dripped all over the ground with the hopes of saving Earth. Upon hitting the ground, he tumbled a few feet closer towards his sword handle. It was just a little over arms reach.

"I have to keep fighting," Travis thought to himself. He felt crippled under the power of his opponent. "I shouldn't have wasted all my energy like that. I almost had him! It was right there and I blew it."

Travis grasped the ground ahead before trying to pull himself closer. It felt as if the world was against him at this point. He didn't want to see it end this way. It was unclear if the Armed Forces of the world would be able to band together and stop Helix. In his head he could see the grim future of the planet—cities on all four corners of the globe erupting in flames. All of man's weapons still wouldn't be enough. The planet would be bathed in nuclear flames before Helix were destroyed. By the end of the day he would be at full power again given he had time to rest. They both would.

Would it be up to his child at this point? He knew that he had offspring coming, but would this kid possess the powers he had or even possess enough to stop Helix. Travis had pulled himself closer to the sword. It didn't have to end that way. The only thing to save everybody was what he had inside of him. He lifted his hand up over the sword handle as he began to draw from his life source. As each of his fingers grasped the weapon, his body started to glow. The ability to battle once again started to flow through him. As he lit up with a slight bit of relief, he felt the sharp edge of Helix's sword come down on his right hand. The weapon made one clean blow straight through both the handle and Travis' appendage.

Travis cringed as Helix pulled the blade out. The energy inside of the sword handle combining with Travis' blood and his life source directly started to have negative consequences. As Travis rose to his knees screaming in pain, his body began to catch fire. Helix felt the heat burn into him. He stepped back as it began to burn into his clothes. Travis' body set ablaze as his energy started to spike. The combination of the three elements began to eat away at his body at the same time. The end was drawing close to the battle already.

"Enough of you! I'm not going to let you win this!" Helix screamed as he lunged forwards with his sword in hand. As he brought it down, Travis' aura suddenly surged. His right shoulder started to burn away as his inner energy formed a blade made entirely of the flaming aura around him. It drew itself, blocking Helix's death blow. Helix froze as his sword was easily deflected by the attack. The heat ended up melting through the killing edge itself, causing Helix to toss it aside. He was in fear as Travis started to draw closer to him.

"I'm not letting you win." Travis declared as he lifted his left hand up. His fingers tips slowly began to burn away as a stream of fire shot across the small gap between him and his brother. Helix jumped to his left, barely managed to avoid the blast of fire.

"What have I done?" Helix asked himself. He got a good distance away from Travis before beginning to brainstorm another plan. Travis turned to him. Helix suddenly lifted his hands up to him. His powers began to surge as he prepared for another massive energy attack. "I'm done with you! Die Subject One, just die!"

Travis let go. At speeds beyond what he'd achieved before, he closed the distance between himself and Helix. His right foot began to glow as it cocked back for a massive strike. He had to end this fast. Every second spent dawdling took his life closer to the end. Helix began to peer up towards Travis. All at once, Travis' right foot came crashing in with explosive force. The power, the speed; it's sudden collision smashed directly through Helix's forehead. The innards of his skull scattered across the battlefield, leaving a horrid look on his face. At this point, Helix was already finished. Travis spun to the ground in front of him while focusing everything he had left into his right fist.

"It end here," Travis shouted as he came in with an uppercut. "Right now!"

The two collided. Travis could feel Helix's blood splashing on his face as his fist tore straight through him. It was one clean blow. The front of Helix's body exploded into a bloody mess. The force caused the remains of his body to float away before being slowly vaporized in the heat. A final scream rung through the area. Travis watched it with glee. He'd finally put an end to it. With the final remains of Helix nothing but the fog of war, it was time to let the battle finally end. The flames continued to burn inside him. Travis lowered his head as his guard dropped. He was finally at peace.

"I did it guys, I did it." Travis muttered with his last breath. Everything went black. His body dropped back towards the scorched Earth below. After a short bump, his remains started to burn away into the ground. He managed to open his eyes once more to see the sky above. It never looked so bright before. He turned to his arm where the tattoo of the number one spent it's whole life. There was a slight burning sensation beneath it. Slowly the marking started to fade away. He didn't know why, but he didn't care. As fast as the whole conflict started, it came to a halt. Travis was finally at rest. The world would wake up tomorrow—it wouldn't see Helix' reign of terror ever again.

Two years later...

"It's been a while since I saw the family. Travis really did it. I felt really bad about leaving, but I wanted to go home and see what had come of the old neighborhood."

Jon walked into the old beat down projects he'd spent so many years wasting away. It hadn't really changed at all since he last saw it. The children who had lived in the block were able to actually play outside without worrying about any gun shots or gang fights. Everything was normal again. It seemed a bit awkward, but he shook it off. Just a few steps ahead was the old house. It still looked the same. He stepped up to the front door and sighed. It was going to take a lot of courage to knock. As he lifted his fist, he started to feel the urge to turn away. The past two years spent wandering the country as a bum had got the best of him. He didn't have anything to offer as a gift to Kell-ay, but he hoped just peeking his face in the door would work.

Inside, Kell-ay was still a little dazed from the hectic morning. She didn't really have anybody to help take care of her, so she had to settle on all of the money from the old gang. At times like this she wanted to smoke, but it wasn't good for the kid. The only thing she had going for her was the boy. Aaron, her child—it was all she could think about everyday. He was off wandering in the kitchen with a small beat up stuffed bear. At this age, he could barely jog if anything. As he made his way around the table, his head cocked towards the front door. Inside of him, he felt a warm sensation.

"Mommy!" Aaron said quickly. It was all he could say. Kell-ay's eyes rose.

"What is it babe?" Kell-ay asked him as she tried to stand up. There was a loud knock. Kell-ay quickly turned to the door to see who it was. "Just a minute!"

Jon smiled as the front door opened up. Seeing Kell-ay had made his day. The two didn't even hesitate to reach at each other. Without saying a word, Kell-ay squeezed him tight.

"Hey Kell-ay, long time." Jon said as he felt her arms wrap around him.

"Jon, you never called or anything," Kell-ay muttered as tears filled her eyes. "I don't even know what happened! I thought you were dead!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I think I'm the only one who made it our," Jon said before being pulled inside.

"Forget about it, that's history! I want you to meet the boy! He looks just like him too, it's like having a baby Travis walking around the house every day!"

Jon stepped into the living room to get a good look at Aaron. The child was frozen in place with his hand in his mouth. Even though it wasn't visible, Jon could feel an aura coming from the kid. It felt so much like Travis was still there. Aaron stared up at him before pulling out his hand. Drool quickly dribbled down his face as he turned away towards the back. Jon didn't even get to say a word to him.

"He's a nice handsome young man just like his dad! I can't wait till he grows up," Jon said as he turned to Kell-ay. "I can't say the same for you though."

"Why's that?" Kell-ay asked.

"Think about all the girls he's gonna bring home and sneak in. You're going to be on your toes!"

"Oh Jon," Kell-ay laughed. "you're just as cheerful as ever! I kind of dread those days, but it'll be good knowing I'll have family after this."

Jon laughed. The two wandered towards the couch to sit down and catch up. All of the anxiety Jon had from stepping in had vanished after taking a seat. Aaron could feel another presence in the back yard starting to form. He looked up towards the window to see a white light beginning to glare through.

"Heh," Aaron giggled as he started to reach up towards the door knob in front of him. "daddy!"

Kell-ay and Jon were in their own world. They continued talking unaware of the events in the back. Aaron took a step away as the back door started to open up. He smiled again.

"Mommy!" Aaron quickly blurted out as he stepped towards the bright light in the back yard. Kell-ay stood up.

"Just a second," she said to him before taking a step towards the kitchen. "some times I just don't know what this kid is up to!"

She made it to the opening before freezing. Jon was worried. He quickly lunged from the couch before seeing Kell-ay running towards the back in tears.

"What is it?" Jon asked. He stepped around the corner. Just like her, he froze in place after seeing the bright glare in the back. He couldn't believe his eyes after walking closer towards the light. "It can't be!"

Jon's eyes let up with tears as he ran towards the back. Kell-ay quickly lifted Aaron off the ground as tears of joy began to flow from her eyes. The three moved towards the glow as their bodies filled with ecstasy. The day had finally come...

"Hey guys, I missed you!"

The End




It's all for nothing baby
That's what they say
It's up to me now, honey
There ain't no other way
Well can't you feel the freedom baby
It's in the air
I don't have anything
But mama I don't care

And the sun is going to shine today
And the rain is going to go away
And the mountains are gonna smile on me today
And I think I'm going to fly today

My soul's on fire baby
Listen to what I say
Life's not forever honey
So live it everyday
Well can't you feel the freedom baby
It's in the air
And I know you ain't got anything
But mama I don't care

And the sun is going to shine today
And the rain is going to go away
And the mountains are gonna smile on me today
And I think I'm going to fly today

And the sun is going to shine today
And the rain is going to go away
And the mountains are gonna smile on me today
And I think I'm going to fly today