The sky has grown dark

We see no more

The beautiful future

We once had in store …

the sun set in Africa


Meinem soldaten, töd

More than I can stand!

„so lasset mich ruhen in Wüstensand"

I almost wish I lay there with them,

Under the sun that watched our fight—

But now that sun has fallen to night

And the sunflowers die.

the sun set in Africa


Heia Safari!

… But with nothing to push on with,

how can we?

Stranded in the desert

That had been our cruel mistress for so long …

maybe only then did we see

that Wüstensand belonged to the enemy.

And so

the sun set in Africa


And here we are now.

The invasion of Normandie

We're collapsing!

Don't they see?

Our Vaterland is going to collapse on itself

And they only care about

Prolonging their miserable little lives!

Don't they know the Feind that faces us?

A growing red tide in the East—

And they trying to hold the West!

At least

The West is less terrible than the East.

The fools!

The sun set in Normandie.

The sky has grown very dark indeed