Waiting for exactly the

Right moment to

To what? To tell you

I don't feel like I'm in

Love anymore? That a day

Before this one, I was sure

As the setting of the sun

But now I'm not sure?

That I need to sort my

Feeling but don't

Want to hurt you?

That my soul is

Spinning faster and

Faster, out of my control?

That our fights

Sting and singe my

Resolve to stay?

I don't know if I am

Enough, I don't know

What I mean to you

We've gone from

A long night of

Holding one another

And long, slow

Kissing to

Down to the bare wire

Of what seems like lust

I fell for you hard and fast

Not even caring if there's

Rocks at the bottom

I guess, I've found them