What is she feeling?

Can anyone tell her please?

One thing she knows is that she loves him, of that she is sure.

But this love is tearing her apart, because she has to lie to be with him

And these lies, just keep getting bigger and bigger, ripping her apart,

Now your probably thinking, that she should just stop lying right? Come clean?

Well she can't do that either, because she's in to deep, to deep in her lies to even try telling the truth again.

So the only other alternative is to not be with him right?

But how can she possibly do that? Leave the one she loves,

This is also wrong, and would probably tear her apart even more.

Could they just be the best of friends?

Perhaps, but they tried that once, and then just ended up back in the same place, with many people hurt during the process, including themselves.

And this time would be even worse, because the feelings are even greater.

So there is nothing for her to do anymore, because she has lied so much,

And the only thing that could possibly set it to rights, is doing what they ask,

But then it's still so wrong! To not be with him!

And there is no possible way to tell them the truth so what does she do?

What is left to do but hope the feeling of being torn fades, and continue with the lies,

While still being with him the one thing that makes her not think of the last and final choice, which shall not even be spoken, for it is almost not an option.

So she'll continue the way she is, happy but torn at the same time,

This all she can do, is it not?