Ready to Fly:

At first

A naked mound of flesh

Then a small ball of fluff

Next a dainty, winged young one

She's getting gangly, but she's

Getting strong

Her mother knows it's her time

Time to let go

Time to teach her baby to fly

Standing, watching her mother

With alert eyes

Her mother pushes

Her to the rim of the nest

The young bird stumbles

And falls

Out of her nest

Out of all she's known

Plummeting down

She stretches out her wings

Just as she's witnessed

Her mother do

She flits softly


She changes he angle

And is caught in

The raging wind

Soaring with the air

With it not safely on it

Finally she can land


She stays on the new mountain

Waiting for nature's

Next move

She's still a

Very young


But her mother

Thinks she's


Ready to