Non-Lucid Thoughts:

Sitting her

Chilled to the

Soul, burning

Inside words

Yearning to escape

My lips to

Tell all, to spill

My heart onto

The floor for all

The world to see

Wanting to but not

Wanting, wanting to say

Those words to

Not disgrace my heart

But to tell my words

To the worlds to all

Who have an open ear

Would I lose what

Is most precious to me?

Are any words that

Important to me?

I am a writer

And an artist

Words come easily

To my hand and mouth

But not this what

I feel and what I

Need don't come to

They aren't whispering

To me as all those others

Do, they aren't stringing

Themselves together

So must I give up what

I feel and need? Or must I

Sew together these words

And process them into

Something intelligible?