I know this is really short, but I had written it earlier today and felt it should go up. It's just about a girl whose at her sister's grave thinking back on the decisions she made and how it brings her sister to life. It also shows a horse tamer, her friend, repaying a silent dept to her becasue of what she has done when she was upset or sick.

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Living Two Lives
A short tale of silent sisterhood and friendship

A graveyard sat quietly next to a seldom used street. A lone female stood near the back, looking at the locket in her hands. Inside was a baby picture that she treasured dearly. A soft, sad smile was on her face as she struggled to hide the tears and emotions. It welled up insider her so much, the burden on the body of not only her soul residing within, but another as well. She soon collapsed to the ground, tears flowing freely to the ground. She was in front of a tomb that was hidden by the grass and flowers around, it was in the ground, only a wooden cross.

"You wanted to be a police officer, didn't you?" she asked no one in particular, her locket trapped in her left fist as she watched the tears fall, "and I wanted to be in the military." she closed her eyes to clear them as her thoughts scattered. "Looks like I fulfilled them for the both of us."

A second presence slid down next to her fallen friend to provide a silent comfort. The same comfort that was given to the horse tamer when she was sick or upset, and this was a perfect time to repay all of that. The horse tamer placed her arms around her friend and held her close. She has never seen her friend this shaken up, but felt that bond tugged looking for someone to help her and tell her their there for her. Her eyes soon land on an Iris, a beautiful purple version of the flower.

"Isn't Iris your sister's middle name?" the horse tamer asks in a soft whisper.

"Just like the flower." she responded, her whisper horsed and cracked.

The horse tamer only nodded, and continued to hold her friend dearly, as she cried onto her shoulder of comfort to try and recollect her emotions she hides so well in public.