Sometimes you wonder why life plunges you underneath all living mistaken menacing and misunderstanding hell. Nobody understand your way of thinking through out and under others rules. The simple matters of mother nature command you to fight a living war with life. Getting the aches in your shoulder while feeling like a hundred pounds of copper have been moved on you .Ahead of every victory lie another obstacle you have to overcome. While the tools of life antagonizes you the best you can do is endure the excruciating regret that only pile more loss opportunities as life fades away. When satisfaction brought to your hopeless aid comes only momentarily. Then vanishes then after that reality sets in then during the night what could have been replays the memories inside your head over and over till you cry yourself a sleep. You become a unconscious zombie walking through the hallways of misery. Everyone acquaintances, and family ponderously float through your head.

Robbie ROBBIE the screamed the teacher furiously!!!!!

Can't you pay attention when I'm trying to teach whats going to be on your next test ,stop your daydreaming and answer number 5.

Thanks to a little luck everyone in the room stop laughing because the bell had rang. And fixed their concentration towards rampaging through the classroom.

Robbie where do you think your wandering to I would like an explanation of why you have not turned your homework in for a week in a half. Shall we call your mother if this doesn't resolve its problems in your head .

Thinking that those threats were completely ludicrous he gambled with the consequences. Yes! Thought of his mother looking horrified may be was just the site he wanted anyways.

Looking through the eyes of that Oh mistaken contemptuously evil teacher .And giving her the worthless stare through nowhere land where he stood .

"Yes ma am will do the do for you", he said

"I'll leave that up to your own discretion because not even those nasty messages or conferences seem to be being any good this days", she said.

Thank you Mrs. Macberry shall appreciate the gratitude you persuade


Thought it was cool to said that's all……

Oh be off with you your going to miss the bus ,Please no more daydreaming in my class.

Looked away with nothing more to say miraculously the teacher began to understand nothing she was doing was going to help the situation .Not be pessimistic are anything just school ain't the place for my kind. We deliberately waste life away because we're to arrogant to understand the delicate matter of sharing important relationships with anything worth while. Usually consciously unaware of the fact that the important things should be taking care now. Not bundled up inside our heads as lies and regrets.

. As he was walking through the hallway the only thought he was concerned with was today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. Let the celebration of other week of everlasting school year week gone by .Now for some relief from perilously harsh school. While deep in thought why should anyone be concerned with things that don't matter, like being smart having all the best looks that bring shame to others self dignity .Because people should concentrate on things that make the person feel worth while. People don't like being study by their imperfections, that's what makes school unbearable because were forced to try to grasps something that doesn't naturally come into our understanding .Nobody realize the trouble, when they see you they harass you till you'll only let yourself believe in failure that's all you'll become. Unfortunately when somebody notices the pain its probably to late because your already set to a path with no turning back then . There this theory that everyone say when your down and depressed they say things eventually should turn away into the better. But the only thing is when you are depressed usually doesn't get any better just forgotten so the problems is still hiding deep inside.

Walking down the hallway ,Jason my friend that rides the same bus as me ,comes riding next to me.

Jason had Brown hair with a chubby round face ,wearing the usual school uniform His pants were real school pants that didn't come from any name brand mall store . And were not long either came about to his ankles were the popular skater shoes even thought he didn't not skate everyone wears them their the style right now. He wore glasses that were round made he look like Harry Potter people use to call him that .He thought it was hilarious. His hair came in the front to his forehead and to the end of his neck in the back. Jason was a easy going guy didn't take anything seriously, nice to practically anyone even assholes. Always their if you need someone to talk too.

Smiling his glanced at me, "Todays is Like Friday Oh THE glorious Friday someone Has saved me.

"Totally man",I said not really looking at him.

But what are we going to do with this Time

Jason said stupifed," Hell I DON't know"!!


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