I'll Cut My Strings

You don't seem to realize

What you do to me inside.

I want so badly to hate you,

But you always make me smile.

You do so much that makes me feel

Like screaming all the time.

You flirt and whore to other girls

When I'm wishing you are mine.

But that cant be true can it?

You'd never truly say.

The words I wish to hear from you,

The words that would make me stay

You see I'm packing up, my dear

I'm leave this behind today.

I can't stand the way I feel for you

Knowing you don't feel the same.

And if you by some miracle

discover some deep love for me,

Don't bother trying to seek me out.

I no longer want to be your puppet

Nor your pretty little doll.

I'll cut my strings and walk away

No matter what I hear you say.