Each Corner of the Heart


We were everything yesterday,

and I thought that we will be together forever.

I know it's kind of foolish but it's true,

our friendship was everything,

at least it is for me.

But time has passed,

and we drew apart

to each corner of the heart.

It seems we were busy with ourselves,

and forgot that we used to got each other's back.

I know that you are busy with your love,

and you, with your future,

and so do I…

I am busy thinking of everything,

and taking care of everything.

I'm ,alone, is in doubt of my future,

and in despair of my father.

You used to turn to me when you're confused

and I turned to you when I'm in doubt,

call me naïve,

as I expect things like in movie,

where we always stick together no matter what happen.

But things are not, I don't know you in the past 2 months

even though we met everyday and laugh every time

I heard news of you from other people

and you never open you heart ever time I knock

and if you open the door, that's because I was your friend.

I see we become more and more farther

and I'm afraid that we could not find the way back to each other.

I rather have you calling me in the middle of the night

than knowing that the whole night alone you cried.

Call me naïve,

if its only me who felt it

and you could throw this

the moment you finished with it.


A/N: I wrote this when my friendship with one of my best friend just suddenly lost the chemistry and we're not close any more even though we met everyday. Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )