For Those Who Feeling Down


The feeling of being hurt,

Always painful.

The feeling of being insult,

Always make you down.

Be strong to live in this life,

Be strong to face the world.

You will learn to be a better man,

To be a warrior of this life.

Face the world like

Other men face the world.

Cry; release the pain inside you.

Scream; don't let the pain stuck in you.

Make the pain to be stronger,

Make the insult to be a correction.

So, learn to keep on going.

Life is a lesson,

You will learn it when you're through.


A/N: I made this after being insulted by my brothers. It was so painful, but I created such a positive poem. I even wonder why. Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )