The Masquerade One


I always thought that you are who you expose,

but somehow I'm wrong.

For the truth I don't see,

pain is what I feel when I see.


Why you're not what I expected?

White becomes black,

black becomes white.

Maybe I'm too shallow,

for I only see the surface.


Am I wrong?

For I want you the way I want?


Am I too naive?

For I expect the perfect?


Let me learn from it,

for next, the surface I will not see.


A/N: I forgot what makes me write this, I made this ages ago. Sorry, for the short term memory (hey! This make a 'lil rhyme!) Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )