The Prayer


God give me strength to carry on,

for this temp you put me on.

I need your hand to hold on,

so I wouldn't fall in this storm.

I need your eyes to see the truth between lies,

so I know the truth in front my eyes.

I need your mouth to advise me what I need to tell,

so the truth is all I tell.

I need your ears to listen the whisper of the angels,

so I know what to do.

I need your angel to guide me from darkness unto light

for when the devils take me up.

God I need everything in you to be your noble creation,

for your wise ness is the key.

God bless me,

for your daughter need your help.

God forgive me,

for I asked you more than I could give.

As I kneel down here pleading mercy,

for the sin I've done.


A/N: This is the prayer I prayed everyday. Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )