I lay my head against the window, letting the pounding rain pulsate through my ears. As my eyes gazed out into the shower of rain, that covered the changing landscape. I had bid good-bye to the hustle and bustle of the city of New York, and was now forcefully embracing the countryside of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island, I groaned at the mere thought of the place, and forced myself to turn and face the silence of the car. My sister who was lucky enough to have fallen asleep as the city lights disappeared and the rain began to make it's music, had her head perched on an open palm, that was supported by her elbow. My mom was concentrating on seeing through the thick curtain of rain, was close to the steering wheel squinting her eyes.

Looking at the two of them, it seemed almost uncanny at how much they resembled each other, and how much I didn't look like either of them.