Day is over

Night moving in

Life unknown

Blossoms within

The dying fire

In her heart

Inside her words

Of protest

Are vanquished

A rain of words

The shower

Of brutal fire

The terror

Of the night

Night herself

Is calm and gentle

But what comes

With the setting

Sun is not

Rage, drink, power

Her crimson life

Melts and sluggishly

Makes way to the


Surging from her

Fact to the floor

Droplets shower

The white room

The bottle thrown

After her

Her lamp hits

The floor and shatters

Marking his presuit

She reaches within

And bolts further

Into the house

That is no longer safe

Her sanuary

Now her hell

Heart throbbing

In her ears

Trying to tame

Her breath


To control

The liquid panic

Running through her


An hour drags

Slowly by

She's hidden

On the far side

Of their bed

Lying under a

Thick blanket

Half under the bed's



Excerting her

Panic through

Her pores

She hopes

He has left

But he hasn't

She rises

And stands

She sheds the


He's lying

On their bed

With a grotesque


Chuckling in

A small sadistic


He reaches for her

She has nowhere

To run

Nowhere to hide

All that is for her

Is truly against her

Time is not her

Friend, tonight

Or any other night

Yet for tonight,

She must endure

Yet another night

Of humiliation

But for tomorrow

She doesn't care

To see