First Love:

I stare at the bed

And remember

The taste and touch

I can still smell

The gentleness and love

No yet a woman

And no longer a child

We've drifted apart

Like the dust from an

Old gravel road

They say you don't

Ever forget the first

Time, but there's nothing

Time doesn't touch

Will I keep coming to this place

Just to remember my

Loss and gain?

The bed still holds

The sheet that we

Slept on

I still haven't slept

Again in theat bed

Since that night

I want to remember

But more, I want

To move on

I want to move on

With love and life

I want to be able

To pass this bed

And not remember

I want to love someone new

Forget my loss of innocence

And rebuild this heart

I have crushed.

It's funny how

These memories

Just keep coming back

I don't regret

But I do bet

I'll come back to

This place, year after year

To remember the scent of

First love