A/N: The first few chapters don't have a lot but as the story process the chapters will get longer. Enjoy.

A long time ago five, guardians had protected the universe from the power of evil. The recent guardians thought peace had finally come upon the universe. However, darkness had come upon the leader guardian, corrupting the leader's heart to crave for more evil. The leader would stop at nothing to gain power, but Mesis, guardian of all four elements, used her power to seal away the darkness.

As time passed, the Guardian of Fie had met the Guardian of Light and fell in love. When the two got married, they had a baby girl that displays the chosen one symbol.

The father and mother decided it would be best if their child knew nothing about the magic, although the power of darkness had different plan and wanted the child's power. The father knew the fate if his child power was taken by the dark. He and another guardian joined him in his journey to fight against the power of evil. Their battle lasted 8 long days, when in the end they used all of their strength to destroy the darkness. The consequences were deadly, losing their lives in order to protect their loved ones the most.

Just when everything was finally back to normal. It was only the beginning of fate.

It's now 2006 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. She was an ordinary high school student until her life changed forever upon her 16th birthday.

The story has begun...