made of iron – black like tainted souls
wrought and meddled with to form
angry words
the vessel for the damned and lonely
moved the cloudy sky with dragon wings
pushing the misty are away like her
inhabitants did to their loved ones
only those with such a title
were hardly l o v e d by those
folk who flew over (hell)
never landing, never resting
that Ship in the Sky was made for
those who were never meant to rest
not because they were evil or dark
but for the single reason that they did
notknow of any.other.way.
the people still earth-bound with their
wide muddy eyes followed her progress
as that ship made its way around in orbit.
and the angels narrowed golden orbs as
they sneered at the damned and the lonely
who passed under Heaven's pearly gates.
and space swam in the feeling of invasion
while that Ship in the Sky continued her way
around "hell within," clearly not going anywhere
but staying in the nowhere.