Two and a half years later

"Daddy!" Isabella yelled, running to Chris. I smiled, leaning against the door, watching as Chris slowly got out of the SUV. When Bella reached him, he picked her up and swung her around, before settling her on his hip and walking towards me. I saw him kiss her cheek really quickly, before reaching me.

"Hey Cole," he said, bending down to kiss me.

"Ew!" Bella said, flinching at the sight of us kissing. I smiled against his lips, and then took Bella from him.

"Okay, so, how much do you have to unpack?" I questioned him, looking at the full SUV.

"Too much. Eric is coming home with more crap," Chris said, running a hand through his hair and sighing. "Tomorrow night he wants to get together—you, me, Mia, Heather, Terra, Kelly, Ella, and Liz. It's so hard for us all to get together now. He said that he can barely talk to her anymore as it is."

"Sounds great. When will he be in here?"

"About five minutes or something. Come on, Bella. Let's go in and let you play with Tyson and Taylor. That way Mommy and I can start unpacking."

"Daddy, play!" Bella demanded.

"After I unpack. It's still really early, Bella. I'm going to unpack, eat lunch and play with you, and then Mommy and I are going out." Bella pouted slightly, but nodded.

"Down, Mommy!" she ordered. I laughed, pretending to drop her once before sitting her down. She ran into the house, yelling for Taylor and Tyson. Chris gathered me in his arms and kissed me again, before slowly breaking away.

"Ready to start unpacking?"

"Ugh, I guess," I replied. He laughed and we started unpacking his car and loading all the boxes into his room. Eric pulled in the driveway shortly thereafter and helped us. Soon we had all finished and were laying about the living room. Bella was running around us with Tyson and Taylor chasing her.

"You look exhausted," Mom commented. Chris looked up at her and smiled quickly.

"Hey, Mom," he called. He started calling Mom "Mom" sometime during his freshman year of college. By that time, it was pretty obvious that he and I would be together forever, and it made more sense. "Can we have something to drink and maybe something to eat?" he whined.

"Chris, aren't you 21?" Mom asked. He nodded shrugging. "Well, you'll need to learn to provide for yourself soon."

"I don't have a job. Can we have pizza and something to drink, please?" Mom sighed, but nodded.

"Pizza?" Tyson and Taylor both shouted excitedly. Even Bella started to look excited.

"It's going to be a really, really long day, isn't it?" I asked, laying my head on Chris's shoulder. He kissed my hair softly, running a hand through my hair.

"Hey, will you watch Bella tonight?" Chris asked Eric. Eric nodded, opening his arms to Bella. She ran into them, kissing his cheek.

The day flew by, and Chris and I were walking through downtown Clementsville. It was a warm summer night, and I was holding Chris's hand. We were walking silently as passed the park.

"Man, do you remember the night we came here before we were dating?" questioned Chris.

"You mean that night that Mia and I got really pissed at Heather and we all played Frisbee?" I questioned.

"Yeah, that night," he said with a laugh.

"That sounds so fun. God, can you imagine how innocent we were back then?" I questioned.

"I had just lost Mom," he reminded me gently. "But, yeah, it was before the Kyle spectacle."

"I had broken up with him. God, it was before we fought too," I pointed out.

"Yeah. I can't imagine us not being together." I looked at him out of the corner of my eye.

"I can't imagine us not being together either." He smiled at me, leaning to kiss me quickly.

"I love you," he mumbled. His hand quickly dropped mine, and he ran a hand through his hair. "Why the hell am I nervous? Um, Cole… I can't imagine life without you, and I know that this has been assumed for a while, but what do you say we make it official. Marry me?" he questioned, dropping down on one knee. I nodded, kissing him.

"That was like, the best proposal ever," I laughed. He nodded, chuckling and kissing me again.

When returned home, no one was really surprised. We knew that everything was going to be awesome, and the next day, or friends weren't surprised, but couldn't wait to help me plan the wedding.

Chris and I ended up getting married the next summer after he had graduated. He had a job at my father's company, while Eric was working as a physical therapist at the local hospital. Mia and Eric eventually married, and had several children, all of whom were bilingual like Mia.

Heather finally met a guy while she was studying in England and moved to London to be with him. We all missed her terribly, but nothing could be done. Liz dated around for a while, and finally married her first boyfriend after being reunited with him in college (at UK). Kelly, Ella, Terra, and I gradually lost touch.

Chris and I had several other children, and Chris did eventually adopt Bella as his own. We were a happy prosperous family.

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