I've Nothing Left to Say

Well they say the world is dying,

So let us give a benediction.

Pop idols speak out against the government,

Their goddamn self-righteous conviction.

And we're caught between volley of religion,

Reason looks on from the sidelines.

So catch up on all the rumors,

About this damned world.

Everyone has disease or a tumor,

The red carpet is unfurled.

My breathing slows down, 'cause the anthem plays too loud,

Among the silence of the crowds.

Let us all get together and criticize,

No takes the blame, they just point out the lies.

Responsibility weakens as we push ahead,

Accommodation is the cure, to hell with the dead!

So accept what you will, 'cause in the end we all die,

The religious pray and weep, they know their gonna fry.

I keep tappin' my feet, bitin' my nails,

No matter what I do, I cannot prevail.

My stomach churns with the passing of time,

No one ever will pay for their crimes.

Dear God Mrs. President, what will you say next?!

Do our children needs jobs, our toddlers need checks?!

And the Chicks with Dicks are so radical,

They say everything that has been said before.

Let them get away with their stupid rhymes,

Because their stupid statements match the stupid times.

So why the fuck should I care, if I live or die?

I should just stay selfish, what is mine is mine.

An my heart stops as the world disappears,

This is the culmination of all my fears.

We can't just live in peace,

No we can't just be free.

But before I die let us have a drink,

'Cause the scientists have found the missing link.

God is angry with us once again,

We'll never comprehend, no we can just live.

We have to blow places up,

And complain about everything!

We never take responsibility,

It's the goddamn American dream!

So fetch me a drink, 'cause I've nothing left to say,

I grow tired of this life, all I can do is hope and pray. . .