Yes, I am here to comforttorture you and I shall be present to (pretend that I) care for you
And I don't give a damn even if you just woke up from your nightmare, since I just did as well, and life.was.never.this.GREAT
Sweet seductionrevenge I (still want to) throw at your direction
"For you are the love and madness of my life
Love for its very reason
Madness for all reasons left unsaid"
I am madly in love with you(r crimson moon)
Thus I can stay for as l o n g as I (am required by your) wish
I will s.a.c.r.i.f.i.c.e. (myself for) you
Because you are simply lovelyscary and ohsosuper make-you-mineable
Gods, dearest, I shall gladly die onehundredandtwentythree deaths for you (if you promise to do the same)
Observe (yeah, go on, please do!) how we are truly
Just as beautiful as each other (love me and s h a t t e r your universe since Iknowyoucan)
Hurry up and rejoice, angel, time for me to whip your back against mine until (y)our wings bleed (sorry sorry sorry sorry) . . .