Friends, enemies, they're all the same.

Playing with me in one sick game.

Trust is for fools

Who believe there are rules

And love is a lie

To explain why you cry

When nothing goes your way.

I used to trust them all

Always coming when they called.

Believing I wasn't used.

But then my heart was bruised.

I hid my emotions away,

And promised never to pay

The price of friendship again.

I walk the hall now,

Always wondering how

People can smile and laugh.

If they only knew half

Of what I know they'd

Be able to be saved

From the horror of betrayal

I try to see how they feel

Thinking that it can't be real.

But soon I realize

That it's only in my eyes

And friendship isn't bad,

It's not a passing fad

And I'm the one that's wrong.