A whisper in the trees

Caresses my sweating brow

My stern gaze

Breaking through into nothingness

With a whisper

I will say

My heart's one true desire,


For a life I've yet to live

When summer's end,

The pool freezes over

Please don't slip

The butterflies are dead,

Fallen, frozen

On the sturdy, dead ground

Where I will lay



When summer has left

She left, she could stand it no more

Her long hair trailing out the door

When she watched, she whispered on the breeze

Her soft gaze breaking through into everything

The sun has set, the weather gone,

Still the birds chirp dazedly as they fly south to escape the sun

The sun sets, over the blue, blue park

Casting shadows in the dark

Where am I? When did I get here?

I left, I'm gone, but where is here?

When summer shifts, the sadly facing light blue ice

That will melt into rivers to drown your spite

I don't know how I got here, not how I came,

But I left, I'm gone, no longer the same.

When I'm alone, with nothing but an empty lake

Ripples gently singings songs of a time when things were great

This is my fate

I sit and wait

All night long, the frost nips at my toes, but my hair stays still

Not a breath on the wind

To move the butterflies fallen from the sky

Silent, cold and still

An eternity of turning, churning, burning for something I do not have

My hair wraps around me, hugging me, warming me in an embrace

Close to smothering

And I wait

With tears in my eyes

For the sun to shine

For the sun to kiss my open lips

But that time won't come

It's only night,

This is where I live.