Cheating Heart

Farewell to your cheating heart.
Disappointment isn't found in me.
I release you; so go depart,
For it's not like I could not see.

To lament your open lies;
What a smile they put on my face!
As I let you feel unpunished,
When in truth, you were a disgrace.

Oh, rejoice you wicked philanderer!
What did you expect me to say?
That I hated how you fooled me so?
And desperately wished to go away?

False! False! You cheating heart!
Now who is the one thus fooled?
For it is I who found all the tales,
All the things you thought I never knew.

Farewell to your cheating heart;
Your heart that still bleeds like mine.
Go cheat again, you lover of Men,
And let alone this Goddess Divine.

A/N: Emo, and insincere as well. Fact is, I've never experienced this. But yes, I still wrote it. Cheers.