By Remy Chartier

I see beyond these thoughts of love,

A failure which I can't ignore.

My love for you would know no bounds

But now I know it was a fairy tale.

If I'd have known when you walked away,

I'd never hold you in my arms again

And whisper to you gently

I'd have never let you go.

Such are thoughts of lovers' hearts

When the worst they feared is true,

Realization dawns and bitterness descends,

For there is no happily ever after.

Beauty could never love a beast; she could not see what lay within,

Cinderella was a made, of which mice were her only friend,

Prince Charming's filled with thoughts of lust; no love drove him at first sight,

Snow White, like Eve, was tempted by nothing but a cold hearted snake.

And so I knew you'd never love me; the lion the which and the beast oh my!

For reality forgets the truth; it is not who you are, but what you are that counts.

When happily ever after is to kiss the frog, perhaps only then will this world be free,

A world where love can have a happy end.

For now my love, I say farewell,

I know I was never good enough for you.

I am who I am, you are who you are,

The wolf in me does not desire the sheep in you.

But remember now that if this is how it ends,

If it is a matter of what I am, not who

Then the love you desire will not come,

For love does not discriminate against those who seek it.