Chapter 01 Bloodlines

Centuries ago in the Victorian era, there lived a vampire who hunted his own kin whom was known only as Ganda The Sweeper. Ganda lived in a world called Purgatory that was caught in-between the world of humans, Heaven and Hell.

During this time in Purgatory, a vicious breed of monstrous vampires called Cytojin inhabited the land by sucking humans dry of their blood. As a last resort, the noble Ganda sacrificed himself to seal the entire Cytojin race away in his own coffin. However, before Ganda perished he visited the world of humans where his daughter, Sakura Antaro, was conceived by a mortal woman.

Present Time...

A bell rings at a high school in Sunday City indicating the end of a school day. Students flood the exit and are squeezing through in large groups. Among the students is Sakura Antaro carrying two text books within her right arm. She is wearing a dark blue sweater-vest with a red collar shirt underneath. A red tie that is neatly wrapped around her neck and her checkered skirt stops short from her knees. Thinking to herself, she runs her free right hand through her short spiky dark brown hair that stops just above her earlobes. "Another rough day, can things get any worse?"

"Did you wake up this morning sexy like that?" comes a voice from beside her, "Or is it just natural?" Sakura turns her head to see Gary beside her smiling. She immediately blushes but then follows with a sudden pout. "YEAH WELL, WHO ASKED FOR YOU OPINION? I KNOW I'M HOT BUT I DON'T NEED YOU TO COMFIRM IT YOU SEX OFFENDER!"

Gary sighs and puts both of his hands at the back of his head. "Most girls would have taken that as a compliment. Ya know what? Forget I ever said anything. Oh, that's right, I forgot to mention this but have you heard of the Underwear Stealing Troll roaming about?" He quickly lifts Sakura's skirt up and stares at her red panties. "Yup, I see you still have yours intact!"

Sakura growls, makes a fist with one of her hand and slams her right elbow into Gary's face which sends him tumbling backward. "YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH, I BET YOU'RE THE UNDEWEAR STEALIING TROLL!" Gary holds his bleeding nose tightly as he wiggles around on the pavement in anguish. "At least I know what kind of underwear she wears…"

Later that day, Sakura arrives home to see her mother, Tina, sweeping the porch. She is wearing a tight white T-shirt with the words "I Heart Penis" and jean shorts just stopping high on her thighs. When Sakura is walking to the porch, Tina stops sweeping and looks up smiling at her daughter. "Welcome home Sakura! I hope you had a great day at school!" Without pausing, Sakura walks past Tina and up the porch completely ignoring her mother. "Mom, can you get any sluttier?" At that moment, a black limousine drives up to the curb of the house. "Mom, do you know that-" before Sakura can finish her sentence, Tina is already at the limousine and is leaning seductively into the open window.

"Looking for a good time honey…? How much are ya paying…? Eh, that's good enough…" She quickly starts running to the other side of the limousine and looks up to see her daughter standing at the doorway. "Uh Sakura, I'm gonna go with this nice gentlemen for a while! Dinner's in the fridge! Don't wait up for me!" Tina shouts as she gets into the black limousine. Sakura's eyes follows the limousine as it drives off out of sight and is staring with her mouth hanging open. "…I suppose that answers my question."

Hours later, Sakura wakes up from her short nap. She sits up, plants her feet onto the floor and stretches out for a loud yawn. The clock right next to her bed reads 9:23PM. "Oh no, I didn't even get started on my homework today!" Just as Sakura jumps off her bed, the power goes out and immediately darkening her room to pitch black. "Tch! Just great!" Wielding only a flashlight, Sakura walks downstairs and outside to the side of the house where the circuit breaker to the house lays. "All right, lets see if I can work th-"

"Excuse me…" a soft voice of a male starts saying from behind. Sakura turns around to see a man appearing to be in his mid-thirties smiling warmly at her. He wears an unzipped aqua green military style jacket that stops at his waist with black leather gloves ending at his wrists and black pants. Underneath the jacket he also wears a black tank top. A thin piece of straw stick sits at the corner of his mouth. His shaggy brown hair compliments his slim goatee around his mouth of the same color.

"…I'm looking for monsters. Have you come across anything that goes bump in the night?" The man's mouth abruptly fills with fluid, immediately turning his face blue. Covering his mouth with his hands, he quickly bends over to vomit onto the ground.

"That's not exactly the first thing you do when you meet someone…" Sakura utters with a blank stare. She tip toes to the man and leans over him. "Hey are you-" She quickly cut off her words and steps back holding her nose. "GROSS! YOU SMELL LIKE BOOZE!"

The man wipes his mouth with his forearm and stands upright once again. "Sorry, I got piss drunk last night. I feel like crap right now." He extends his hand in front of Sakura in somewhat of a formal greeting. "By the way, the name's Gunther Winchester. I'm a lieutenant in a separate world from this one." Sakura and Gunther greet each other by making a firm hand contact.

"Just how wasted are you?" asks Sakura, skeptical of Gunther's words. "You're talking about separate worlds and monsters! If monsters exist then show me some proof."

The loud sound of hissing suddenly comes from behind Sakura. She swiftly spins around to see an eight foot monstrous creature standing on two legs. The creature has olive green scaly skin and its long tongue hangs outside of its mouth, dripping saliva. The creature's front teeth resemble that of vampire fangs.

"Is that proof enough?" asks Gunther smugly while Sakura looks dumbfounded.

I'll be doing a few things with this series. I'll post pictures I find on the Internet and relate them to the story. I'm also doing something called Character Profiles. Once a character of importance is introduced, I'll write out a semi profile describing their personality. I'm putting Gunther's profile in the next chapter.
Character Profile
Sakura Antaro
Sakura can be described as somewhat of a tomboy. She has a sense of whats right but doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself at times so she continuously doubts herself. She thrives on success to boost her lack of confidence.

Sakura's best friend. Not a huge character to the story but huge in the sense that Sakura and him are very close. Even though Gary's her best friend, his primary goal is to get in her pants.