The boy with the long-sleeved shirts. It's what everyone called him, simply because no one really knew his name. He's been in my homeroom for one year now, and I've still yet to learn his name. It's embarrassing really, to be voted the "Most Friendly" last year and not even know the boy with the long-sleeved shirts' name. Everyday I see him and I get closer and closer to asking him what his name is. But, I really feel as if it's too late. I mean, I'm afraid of what he would think of me. I'm always afraid of what people think of me. I crave for acceptance since I don't get it much at home.

I always ask my friends what his real name is. They just shrug, saying that the teachers never pick on him like they do the rest of the class for some reason. They leave him alone. And they always say that he wears long-sleeved shirts, even when it's really hot outside. And then they ask me why I care and if I'm in love with him. And I always say no. I care because I want to get to know everyone… or something along those lines.

But, anyway, I guess that maybe he wears long sleeved shirts all the time because he might be a cutter. I mean, it seemed so common these days. And he was quiet… he generally stayed out of people's way. I never see him hang out with anyone except for Ashley, a girl who had good looks, but she was another non-talker. I haven't heard a single word from the two.

"Reeeeeeeeeeves." A hand waves in front of me and I turn my attention to Amanda, the girl who was talking to me before I started thinking about him again. "Did you happen to hear anything I said?"

A sheepish smile widens my lips. "Heh. No. Sorry."

"You really should get checked for ADD or something. Or maybe--" she looks toward the window where The Boy with the Long Sleeved Shirts sits. "Maybe you really do have an infatuation with him."

I punch her on the shoulder. Hard. Of course, this makes her yelp out in pain and I can feel the whole class staring at the two of us.

"Boys aren't supposed to hit girls!" Amanda cries, rubbing her shoulder.

Again, I smile. I tend to over-react to little comments like that. I don't like to consider myself infatuated with anyone. The last relationship was painful enough. I wanted to remain asexual or something.

"Sorry sorry! But you're the one that provoked me," I say, waving it off.

"Psh. Whatever. Anyway, as I was saying, Michael was s--" and off she went again.

And while she was telling me about how her weekend was with her boyfriend, I started thinking about The Boy with the Long Sleeved Shirts again. And I guess I was staring at him again because first, Amanda punched me in the arm again, yelling at me for not listening, and, I realized that I was looking straight in the eyes of the Boy with the Long Sleeved Shirts.

And, damn, they were a really pretty dark blue.

A/N: This chapter is short. Yes. But I don't know if I'm going to use Reeves' POV very often. And though it's not really a prologue, I tried my hardest to make it one. No, I actually didn't… but whatever. Since I'm mostly rambling now, I'll shut up.

There are three main characters in this book. So yes, I suppose you could say I MIGHT (haven't decided yet… it might be too much) make this story a love triangle. Or, the third main character, which I haven't mentioned yet, might just be um… a support character. I can't really explain.

Oh, and dunno if you guys have read my other stories, but sorry for putting them on hiatus for the longest ass time. ) I uh… I was really not motivated to write. I mean, I went to this writing camp thing and I had a lot of people pretty much making me feel like I was a shitty writer. It's a long complicated story… but I was just reminded that I write because I LOVE it. I'm not going to try to sell a novel or anything… This doesn't mean I won't try to be a good writer! I'm just saying…