I pressed the up button on the panel next to the elevator. Tapping my feet I watched the descending numbers light up until I heard the elevators stop at the lobby.

All I wanted to do was go to my apartment and relax.

I stepped into the elevator, hitting number five. As the doors were about to close, I saw Carla running in the lobby. Carla and I lived on the same floor with only one apartment between us, knowing she also hated waiting for the elevators, I shoved my purse between the doors.

"Don't let it close…" she yelled, even though she didn't have to. I watched as the doors moved back and Carla slide into the elevator.

"Thanks," she said, blowing her hair out of her face.

I shrugged, "No problem."

She leaned against the wall and fanned herself, "Have you met the new neighbor?"

I looked at her questioningly; I didn't even know I had a new neighbor. "When did that happen?"

"When you were busy at work."

Work, the usual reason why I missed everything that happened.

"Is he hot?" I asked.

"How do you know he's a guy?"

"You're talking about him," I said, jokingly.

"I talk about females," she defended herself.

I rolled my eyes, "How long did it take you to realize I moved in?"

Carla grinned, "Three weeks."

"When did you find about the neighbor?"

"The day he moved in," she answered sheepishly.

"But seriously, Robyn, you have to see him, he's absolutely gorgeous. He has a chiseled jaw, high cheekbone, silver eyes that you can drown in, a body to die for, dark brown hair, and a smile that makes me knees weak."

"A personality of an ass?"

"You haven't even met him and you're judging him?"

I raised my hands in the air, "I'm innocent I swear!"

"Funny, but seriously Robyn you have to meet him. He's really nice."

"Does that mean he's good in bed?"



She frowned, "I don't know he turned me down."

I laughed, as the door opened and we walked out together.

"He turned you down, what was he thinking? He missed out on your welcome to the neighborhood greeting," I teased.

Carla laughed, "Thanks, make me feel like a slut."

"Carla you're not a slut, you just like having sex with random strangers."

"It's much easier than the dating game."

"What are you planning on doing next?" I asked.

"I haven't decided, I could always go with the cliché excuse and ask to borrow a cup of sugar while standing in a red negligee."

"Silk and lace, of course."

"Darling, I wouldn't wear it if it didn't have lace."

I shook my head at her and walked away.

I was unlocking my door when she called out, "Did he call last night?"

I frowned when his face immediately came to mind, "No he didn't."

"I say you should dump him!"

I rolled my eyes and waved bye. Entering my apartment I dumped my purse onto a table and slipped out of my shoes. I brushed my hair out of my face and looked around my apartment. My furniture was covered in plastic and duck taped together. Half of my walls were white; the other half was light blue. I took in the paint cans and the brushes.

I walked to my bathroom and changed into some old clothes.

I might as well start working.

I leaned back in my chair, propping my feet up on the chair that was on the other side of the table. I tilted my face back, feeling the slight breeze go across me. I opened my eyes and stared at the darkening sky. I was wondering about the shape of the cloud when I leaned forward to take a sip of my strawberry smoothie.

I blocked out the voices coming from the open windows below and the noises from the street. Even though I was five stories above, I could still hear the yelling coming from below. My stepmother hated the apartment I lived in. She thought that a bunch of hooligans lived here. She offered to buy me a house, but I declined. I didn't want to scrounge off of her, and even if I did, I wouldn't leave this apartment. It had a sort of charm to it. It was indescribable; the people that lived here were so diverse and colorful. Everyone contributed their own personality.

When I first walked through the apartment floors, I noticed that each floor had a different mural to it. The lobby had a mural of the sky, it was peaceful and calming. The second floor had music notes floating around; I later realized this was because there were a couple of musicians that lived in those apartments. The third floor was taken an image of a couple swirling around; this floor was for the party animals, always out during the night at some club. The next floor was of a small town, it had a coffee shop, a boy selling the newspaper at the corner of a street, people walking to work. This floor was dedicated to the people that worked everyday, came home tired, and still had love to give. My floor was the hardest to describe, it was only color. The colors swirled with each other, changing from one to another. This painting was done because everyone knew that this floor would always change. People were always moving in and out.

I knew my time would soon come, I just didn't know what I would do afterwards. Right now I was on vacation. Relaxing, is what I told my boss, but I was really trying to decide if I wanted to stay.

I heard my phone ring, but I didn't want to answer it. I waited all of yesterday for him to call like he said he would. I should have known this would happen, but I thought if I gave him one more chance, he would change.

When did men ever change for the better?

Now I'm not someone who wants to revamp a man's appeal, I don't want to him to give up the things he loves. I just wish that he would actually do what he says he would.

My window was shut, so I couldn't hear what he was saying, only a muffled noise.

I rubbed the back of my neck.

It was almost seven o'clock and I didn't know what I wanted to do. I told Sheri, the girl from floor three that I might go out with her tonight, but I wasn't in the mood for it. I was too tired.

I glanced down at my clothes, seeing the paint stains. My jeans had a big splash of pale blue; my long t-shirt only had a few droplets, here and there. My arms had streaks of paint; I didn't even want to know what my face looked like. I could picture it know, I huge splotch on my forehead.

I looked around, feeling the itchiness of my jeans. I pushed my chair back so I could maneuver around while my legs were still cloaked under the table. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I really didn't care if anyone saw me; I just needed to get out of the jeans.

I pulled my shirt down some more and thought about going inside. Nothing was one television and I had no new books to read.

I heard my phone ring again, I might pick it up. Leaving my empty glass on the table, I walked over to my sliding door and tried to open it.

It wouldn't budge. I gave it an extra tug, feeling my hands slide through the door. I glared at it and gave it a kick. Two seconds later, I was jumping up and down.

Damn, that hurt.

I looked over at the next balcony. I contemplated climbing over, a good way to meet the new neighbor, right? More original than asking to borrow a cup of sugar, I could always ask to use his phone to call the landlord.

I tested the railing, shaking it back and forth. It seemed sturdy; the distance wasn't that far, as long as I didn't look down I could cross over.

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

I held the railing with one hand, and moved my leg so that I was straddling the railing. I leaned over, grasping his railing with my left hand, while holding onto mine with my right. I moved my other leg over, holding his railing tightly.

"Don't look down, don't look down."

I moved my leg to his side, feeling as if I was about to do the splits any second. I brought my other leg over and grasped the railing with both hands. I was now standing on the other side of his railing, my feet teetering on the edge. I threw one leg over and the next, landing on his terrace. As soon as both my feet were on the ground, I did a happy dance.

"I'm safe!"

Two seconds later, I realized that he might not be home. I glanced to Carla's balcony, which was on the other side of his. I could always climb over again, slip and fall to my doom.

As I walked towards his sliding door, I stepped over the various plants he had in trays. I noticed that he had vertical blinds, lucky for me; they were turned so they were slightly opened.

I leaned forward looking through one of the slits. My gaze took in the dark brown leather couch and loveseat. I saw a painting of a ship hanging on his wall, a flat widescreen television hanging on the other side. He had a marble coffee table that had random remotes lying on top. He had shelf filed with movies and books, but from my position I couldn't see what kind.

I turned my head, when I saw a shadow move.

He's home!

I was about to knock on the door, when I realized he was only in a towel. His left hand kept his towel up while his right rummaged through a box. He pulled out a pair of sweats and shook them open.

Please tell me he isn't about to put them on now.

I was about to turn around, when he suddenly looked in my direction.


I glanced over to my balcony, seeing my pants lying under my table. I looked down and saw my bare legs.

Damn, I really should have kept my pants on.

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