Good Bye


I wonder if we all meet again,

will we embrace each other like we used to be?

Or instead we give a fake smile for the others to see?

Will it brings revenge back to life?

Or it brings memories that we would never forget in out entire life?


I wonder what we all become later,

a businessmen? An actor?

A scientist? A writer?

Or anything like we plan before.

But could life snatch our dreams?

And turn us to something we don't want to be.


I wonder about our friendship,

will the distance strengthen our bond?

Or break it into bits of thrash?

Will it be a memory to treasure?

Or it will be a forgotten pleasure?


I wonder if this is the time to flap our wings,

or is it the time to sail to the big seas?

So long and good bye my friend,

for this is the time when out meeting should end.


A/N: When I'm in the mood of graduation, this one goes to all my classmates. Anyway, R&R are greatly appreciated , I'll do the same to your work too. Please leave your email so I can thank you for reviewing my work. Hope you enjoy the poetry! )