Did you know -
the shapes and curves of your body
caress the sounds of emptiness
hidden beneath a passionate interior
your voice still resonates against ?
i can hear you softly whispering
gravely upon my ears
even as i try to shut you out, i realize its useless
my fingers only come alive
when visions of you become more real

I see you -
above me, below me
kissing, tempting, and teasing
inside of me
crawling, aching, and lingering
always surrounding me
beneath the smell of juniper breeze
sweet pea, pear, and cherry blossom

I want you -
to haunt me, to want me
to feel you, to fill me
to renew what's been missing
to touch me, to embrace me
so, make me whole, and remember
everything we are, not just what we were
please, find me - so i can find you
before you become a fragrance
i don't want to recognize