Unvarnished Hope

Tears slip out of my eyes as I sit here on my bed tonight
Because it feels like I'm the only person on earth
That has unvarnished hope within me,
And, as I move towards my bedroom window
And look up into the night sky
That's inundated with dark and troubled clouds,
The tears that fall down my face accelerate
And suddenly there's a feeling
That's pinching my heart
And trying to break it open
So that it can suck all away,
And make me feel so empty and helpless,
But, then I look closely
Up into the night sky and it's then that
I can see a little bit of starlight shining through
That's enough to dry away the tears
And make me smile once again
Because it's wonderful inspiration and power
That's destroying all unwanted feelings
And igniting my heart with even more hope than ever
And so, now I understand that I've got to keep on
Believing in what I believe,
And always acknowledge that I'm never alone,
Even though it may not seem so obvious at times,
Especially when the clouds possess power
That's just so overwhelmingly depressing,
And, I also understand now that
I've got to keep striving for my dream
Of being a star so bright in the night sky
That nothing pessimistic at all could ever hide
The inspiration I desire to shine onto the world,
Otherwise I'll never be happy with my life...

Authors Note: I wrote this poem ages ago, the end of last year or something! I just edited some lines, and now, here it is!
I hope all is well everyone!