Within Your Sea

I can hear you cry,

Your tears form a great sea,

That I seem to drown in,

With waves that crash upon me,

Holding me under,

This undefeated tide,

Unable to resurface,

Or even to confide,

I can not breathe,

I can't help but break apart,

Under this pressure,

And seal this broken heart,

My air is running out,

And I can't help but wish to cry,

I was unprepared for this,

These inner tears won't ever dry.

- - -

So even if,

I hold out my hand,

I know you'll never take it,

And I'll never get to land,

I'll suffolcate,

Within these waters, drown,

Waves crashing,

Yet not making a sound,

My cries unheard,

Lost words to remain unspoken,

Never to see again,

Your tears make me broken,

I'm sorry if,

You didn't like the things I do,

I'm sorry if,

I never got to say sorry to you.