Dear Readers,

Maybe there are a few of you left who have been with me since the beginning of the inception of COVET. It's gone through quite the evolution and at a place I felt was ready to query agents. I spent countless hours revising not only the novel itself, but my query letter. I probably sent it to a total of maybe 20 agents or so with no takers. Most would say 20 agents only constitutes your first round. This past summer, after much prayerful consideration and examining my motivations, I realized traditional publishing wasn't the route for me-at least for now. I only wanted the traditional route because I believed COVET would endure enough rigorous editing that it would be shiningly perfect and meet everyone's approval.

My true delight though has been sharing my writing with all of you and seeing how much I've improved and how much I love the craft. Could COVET be better and are there errors? Yes. But I'm a pathological perfectionist so even traditional publishing is no guarantee. And there will always be readers who don't like my work.

I also realized I wanted publishing to just "happen" to me. If I've learned anything from this process, it's that no one has traditional publishing "happen" to them.

So I hope you enjoy my bestest effort at making COVET shine. Please do let me know if there are errors or something you'd like to critique! I'm a horrible rookie at this ebook thing, and even though I said I'd repost it on FP, I wanted to avoid the sick feeling of someone notifying me it was plagiarized.

The link is on my home page along with the link to my old book trailer for the fun of it.

Thank you a thousand times over. Please keep in touch and I sincerely mean it when I say I'd love to return the favor.