The four girls will restore balance to the Realms,

For one alone cannot succeed.

One of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

They will come from different places,

But they will be more similar then anyone can imagine.

They will be the bringers of peace and Prosperity.

From Opal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald,

They will be born.

They will be the queens of the realms.



As she looked through the old documents and prophecies, one caught her eye. It was the prophecy that told of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Somewhere in her mind and heart she knew that it must be true. She knew that this prophecy was her chosen destiny, and somewhere out there were three other girls who shared her destiny. She thought this as her grey eyes looked out of the library window at the grey sky, fingering her sparkling opal necklace.

Born from Sapphire

Chapter 1

It was lightly snowing when Haily woke up. She looked out of her window with her shockingly turquoise eyes and saw the snow lightly falling on the pine trees. She could stay in bed all day and watch the lightly falling snow outside of her window, with ought having to worry about anything.

This dream was abruptly ended by a shout from Haily's father, "HAILY! WINNA! Breakfast is ready!"

"Just a minute!" Haily and her older sister Winna replied in unison. She grudgingly got out of bed and went to comb her waist length golden curls.

Haily, looked very similar to everyone in her village, but there was something about her that always caught everyone's eyes. Every one thought that she had the most amazing blue eyes, but Haily had never understood this. Almost everyone she knew had blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She knew that somewhere in the Realms there were people with brown eyes, black hair and dark skin, but she had never know such people.

The only ways Haily knew of the outside world was from stories and the very rare messenger. Her whole life she had lived in Casiniopa, a small village centered on a hot spring. The village was located in the forest of eternal winters, where they were many pine trees, and it always snowed. There was a hot spring, which was very curious, as well as the fact that even thought there was eternal snow, it never piled up nor were their ever blizzards or floods. She knew that somewhere back her family had lived on the Isle of Waters, but that was long ago, because now the island was all floods and muck. Haily had heard about the southern lands, where it was always hot and sunny, where there were jungles and marshes and reefs. She always knew that someday she would have to go there.

One of Haily's nicest positions was a simple sapphire oval on a silver chain that she always wore around her neck. It had been her mothers. When she had been younger Haily had always believed that it was magical, but that belief had long since faded. Even if the stone is not magical, she told herself, I know that there is something special about it. It is surprising how right she was, not even knowing her destiny.