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Hello, again Chapter 7

When Aly awoke, she saw the faces of Emmy and Rene hovering over her. "Can you hear me? I'm Rene. Were in the Sunsoon Islands. How many fingers am I holding up?" Rene asked, while she and Emmy were breaking out into giggles." "What happened?" Aly asked in a sleepy voice.
"I think you took a drink of someone's Reefrum. The Emperor's son Jason told me they put charms on all the alcoholic drinks so no under aged people could drink them." Rene answered. Aly sat up and looked around; they were back on the ship. "Have we already left?" Aly asked.
"Left? Were already passing the Isle of Waters! You were asleep for two and a half weeks!" Rene replied. Aly immediately got out of bed; she did not like that she was the weak one. And she hated to think of all that Emmy and Rene had done while she was asleep. This had been the part of the trip she had been most looking forward to, well, after seeing Tyra Peak and the Forest of Eternal Winters. She had been so looking forward to getting to see the Ray Islands, but now they were almost out of the Sun Lands. Well, Aly thought, at least I won't get weird looks anymore. Aly did not give much more thought to this. She immediately jumped out of bed, and got dressed. She may have missed Tyra Peak, but she was not going to miss the Isle of Waters. She had spent many a history class sketching the water nymphs that lived there, and all of the streams, rivers, floods, waterfalls, lakes and geysers. The sight that met her eyes was magnificent. You almost couldn't tell where the island started and the water ended, except that the island was a shocking shade of turquoise and the ocean was a deep blue. There was water spouting from vast peaks that had water running down the sides. There were magnificent waterfalls, some a mere two feet from the ground, but some an astonishing three hundred feet. Aly could understand why no one would live there. Although there were no people, there were water nymphs. To them, water was just as solid as land. They all had long, golden hair. Their skin was a translucent blue color, and all their clothes were made out of the same green material. When one of them got close to the boat, she noticed that their eyes were unlike anything she had ever seen. They were unimaginably bright blue. Aly wondered how the isle had gotten to its flooded state. She intended to find out; Aly had always had a liking for history. Aly walked back to her cabin and grabbed her easel and paint set. This was her first opportunity to paint on this trip. Painting was what Aly liked most. It was the one time she did not feel pressured to be self confident, this was the one time she could truly express herself. She set up her easel and began to paint a water nymph sitting by a waterfall.

When Emmy first met Aly, she would have never guessed that she would be the girl sitting silently and painting. Maybe sitting silently with someone painting her, but never with her as the painter. Emmy was glad to see that Aly had a side to her that wasn't attention seeking and loud. It appeared that Emmy's first impression about Rene had been correct. She was leaning against the railing, her hair blowing all around her face, joking with the sailors and having a good time. Emmy had always wondered what people thought of her. It was in her nature, for her whole life she had been the bottom of the bottom. At lady Victoria's she had only ever had one friend, and they had only met three months before Aly pulled her away. Emmy had always thought about where she came from. The main reason she had agreed to go with Aly so willingly was because she wanted to find out who she was. Her whole life she had never fit in, and so far this journey had not changed anything. The only thing it had brought her was not fitting in with nobles, which was almost worse than not fitting in with slaves. She just didn't belong in Aly's world. Emmy had been a bit relived when she met Rene. They got along much better than her and Aly. Even though they were complete opposites, Emmy identified more with her. Neither of them had been brought up rich, Rene felt equally out of place. One thing that Emmy envied most about Rene was that Rene possessed such a self confidence that the minute she started talking no one would care if she were the poorest slave or the queen. Emmy actually envied many things about Rene. She had heard it said many times that envy was her greatest flaw.

Rene had always been big on first impressions, and she always almost got them right. She was almost going to rethink her impression of Aly until she saw her painting. She could tell that Painting was Aly's true passion, even thought she didn't let on that she cared anything about arts. Rene thought it had been obvious from the first time she met Aly that she was the type of girl who tried to be someone she was not. A person that acted confident and hard on the outside, but was really more sensitive and caring than she let on. She could tell from the way Aly watched the water nymphs, and the was she looked at the island they passed with such a longing that she was not suited to the life she had grown up in. She should be, she has never seen drought or starvation Rene thought. She quickly pushed the thought away. She did not want to think bad things about any one. She wanted this journey to be happy. Rene could tell that Emmy was hiding something about herself. When she asked her about her family and where she came from, she had simply murmured Port Cresto. Rene did not buy this for one second. Rene had always had a knack for picking out liars, but it would not have taken an expert to know she was lying. Port Cresto was the southernmost point in the Sunsoon Islands. The natives from Port Cresto had a creamy brown skin tone, they were famous for it all around the realms. They also almost all had eyes varying form almond to black, which Emmy most defiantly did not have. Lastly, her dark auburn hair was only rarely found in the natives of Ember, which was defiantly much farther north than Port Cresto. Rene had to admit she had been disappointed when Emmy did not answer her question. She and Aly had been freely talking of their lives at home, but Emmy remained silent.

The night after they had passed the isle of water Aly came up with an idea. "Alright, I think we should sit in our room and talk by the light of a candle." Aly suggested. "I used to do it all the time with my friends in Emersdale." Emmy and Rene both agreed, and they began to talk. Rene and Aly talked for a long while about their families, until Aly asked Emmy about her family. It was clear that Emmy had reached her breaking point, she decided to reveal the secret she had been keeping for so long. "I don't have parents." Emmy murmured.
"Excuse me? I missed that." Aly said.
"I said, I don't have any parents!" Emmy said, her voice rising. "I don't have any parents, I had one friend, I don't know where I came from and Im a slave! A slave, I will always be a slave, I always have been. I am never going to belong in your world!" Emmy yelled, tears filling her eyes. "I think we should go to bed now." Rene said. This was one of the rare times she had nothing to say, and she did not like the feeling. The girls went to bed, not knowing what the next day held. Not only would they be meeting the last girl, but they now had Emmy to think about. That night Rene and Aly went to sleep to the sounds of Emmy crying to her pillow.