A/N- Okay. So this is not your average assassin story. There is no "love over killing", meaning the assassins are not going to not kill their target just because they love them. Anyway, there are background homosexual pairings but they're not in the spotlight so you don't have to worry about it too much. Oh, and there's also magic and whatnot.

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Key- Italics is English, past conversations/flashbacks, or song lyrics. Bold are writing or signs.


-san - Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc.

-kun - usually added at the end of boys you know pretty well. Used towards tomboys too

-chan - usually added at the end of girls' names. Also can be used towards little boys, lovers, etc. Usually for expressing endearment

(-)sempai - upperclassman

kouhai - underclassman

(-)sensei - teacher

-sama - master/mistress

-dono - lord/lady

An Assassin's Heart

Prologue/Chapter One

An assassin must be fearless and emotionless. They can't be afraid to kill and they must be able to sneak in and out quietly when the job is done.

An assassin is never born but is trained. They go through harsh and intense training. Some were great by training. Some were just born great.

As the saying goes, "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon thems..."

...or something like that.

In order to become a perfect assassin, you must be emotionless, not hesitate to kill and not love.

An assassin must not love. Love only gets in the way. An assassin's heart must be cold. That is what is called an assassin's heart. An assassin never hesitates and does what it is told.

An assassin is to kill, nothing else. They mustn't feel any emotions for it can be used against them.

But the greatest crime is falling in love with the target.

However, even assassins are humans and humans feel emotions.


Kagetsuki High School. The school in which I hate very much. Words can't describe the hatred I feel for it! It is truly the gates to the worse sort of hell ever...

...and those four kids are Cebereus, the three-headed dog who guard the entrance to the Underworld. Crap.

...since when was I this good at mythology? Oh. Right. Ai-chan. Damn her usual analogies with mythology...DAMN HER! I cleared my throat. Can't believe I said-thought that about her. I shrugged. Oh well.

"Move out of the way, ass." I snapped my attention to the speaker. The person was a red haired boy with pale green eyes. They looked so pretty and green...I sighed. "Didn't I tell you to move out of the way? You're blocking the way."

I looked back at him. He was right though. I gritted my teeth. Didn't have to be that rude, did he? "Ah shove it." I brushed past him, making sure to bump my shoulder against his and proceeded inside the school.

You're probably wondering who I am, huh? My name's Destiny or Daitsuko as I'm known here in Japan since my American name sounded too weird with the Japanese accent so I changed it. I still go by Destiny with my American friends though. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. Brown eyes rules!


Anyway, since this school requires an uniform, I'm wearing the girl's version. It's rather normal...sort of. It consist of a white blouse, a black skirt that reaches to the knee, white socks, black shoes, and a black tie with red stripes going diagonally from right up to left down. I also wore a black vest but that was an optional thing.

My accessories include a bunch of silver bracelets around both wrist and a silver band around my middle left finger. My nails were also painted black with tips of red.

That's about it for my looks. I got a pretty average body. Boys don't flock over me and I'm not really popular but I'm around middle.

Popularity at Kagetsuki High School was based on money and looks. Rich kids with parents waaaaay up there in the chain can sometimes control the school population as well as the good-looking kids. However, if you were both rich and good-looking...let's just say that they have everyone tied around their little finger.

...I'm totally serious about that.

As I said before, I'm around the middle of the food chain thought a bit above it. I have friends I hang out with and bullies and the more popular kids don't bother me much but I have my own set of problems too.

...one of them being the fact that a certain friend named Tammy is currently arguing with my other good friend, Hillary (or Hill), his girlfriend, over a very matter. Tammy is known as Takiyo here while Hill is known as Haruka. I swear these Japanese people need to know how to say our names better.

If you're wondering why a boy is named Tammy, don't. Because that's not his real name. It's really Tommy (Thomas) but we call him Tammy. It all started with a comment on his girly looks and Nan choosing to call him Tammy instead. As you can tell, the name stuck. He still tells us not to call him that but do we ever listen? Of course not!

"-idiot! Milk is thicker than water!" my good friend who's a female said.

Yes. That is a very very very important subject. Please note the sarcasm. However, it's very important to them. How? I have no idea. I never bothered to ask since I don't want to be dragged into this ridiculous argument.

"Well, milk is also a liquid like water. Meaning they both have the same density!" Tammy retorted back.

"But milk has more chemical ingredients in it! Why else would it be white instead of being clear!" Hill argued.

"So? They could have added food coloring in it!" Tammy said.

I resisted the urge (a very powerful one at that) to roll my eyes. Is it really that important on which is thicker? "Look. Milk is thicker than water. Happy now?"

I heard Hill cheer and saw that Tammy had crossed his arms. "I still say they're near the same."

"Well, you're wrong. Hill's right. Everyone is happy. 'Kay?"

"I'm not happy." Tammy grumbled. I rolled my eyes.

"You're hardly ever happy." I heard Tammy grumbling again. I sighed. "Fine! Nearly everyone. Jeez. Let's hurry up and get to homeroom. See ya Hill!" I waved bye to Hill who did the same and went to the next floor up. Tammy and I walked through our homeroom door and took our seats near the back.

About five minutes later, the bell rang and the teacher walked in with a boy. My eyes widened. It was the rude boy who yelled at me before school!

I saw him look around the room and finally, his eyes met mine. I hitched my breath. They were more beautiful than before.

I think I'm in love.

"Class, this is Fotayuki Eiyo. At least, that's his Japanese name for now. His real name is...Edward Feeney-Land? I think that's it. He's a transfer student from America. He was raised here from when he was born to 8 so he speaks our language quite a bit. Please help him fit in. Fotayuki-san, please sit in front of -san, raise your hand so he knows where you are."

He's sitting near me? I did what the teacher had instructed me and he walked towards me. He took the seat in front of me. However, I coulda swore he smirked at me before he did...


Finally! Lunchtime! I love this period! No getting in trouble for sleeping in class and I get to spend time with my friends. I'm currently sitting at our usual table with them. The lunch was mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets.

At least...that's what the lunch people said. However, when Hill had poked the mashed potatoes and saw it move, we knew it most definitely wasn't that. Nearly everyone, including me, lost their appetite. However, only my cousin, Katsu, was eating. I dont' get how he can stuff his face with the food (as they so call it) they give us.

I personally think it's their secret recipe that they are gonna use to brainwash us into liking school.

...uh yeah. You can tell I'm crazy huh?

Anyway, I joined everyone else for small talk since I didn't want to think about the food for a long time. It might make me remember about what happened after someone from our school ate the green bean casserole and went into coma for about two weeks.

Damn. I just remembered it! It's gonna give me nightmares for days now!

"Kyaa! He is so handsome."

"I know! Do you think I should ask him out?"

"I thought you liked Reikou-sempai."

"I do! But a girl's allowed to change."

Tammy rolled his eyes when we all heared the cheerleaders talk about a boy. The conversation wasn't new as we all (and I mean ALL) knew who 'Reikou-sempai' was. Everyone in this school didn't care for sexuality. Only looks and all that other junk. What was it again? Oh yeah. Money and power.

"My God. Who do you think this time?" I heard Tammy asked.

Everyone exchanged looks and immediately said, "Eddie Feeney-Land."

Tammy sweatdropped. "Do you all share the same mind or something?"

"Two or more people can't share the same mind. It's physically impossible. Unless you count siamese twins or something." Vivian, a very smart person and known as Tomoko (which means child of wisdom, which fits her perfectly), pointed out.

I sort of think we do share the same minds. I mean, we can read each other so well...

...need therapy now. I'm positive. So Tammy was right. Strange. He was right for once.

"Don't be such a..." I struggled to find a word that fitted Viv. "Genius all the time, Viv. Live a little! Think the impossible! Think of aliens from Mars trying to take over Earth!" Everyone laughed at the last sentence.

Viv huffed. "Oh be quiet, Dest."

"Where is the new kid anyway?" Katsu asked us all. Katsuya is his full name and is fully Japanese. His mother was my father's sister. He has dark blue hair (which he had dyed orange against his parents' warning) and seafoam green eyes. He wore a silver ring earring on his right earlobe and has a silver necklace with a ruby shaped as a flame.

"There." Diana stated, pointing to where all the popular people sat.

"Already popular?" Tammy raised an eyebrow.

"I heard his family's company is pretty high power in U.S." Viv, the ever so informed one, stated. "I think the company makes games or something related to that."

"Cool. I wonder if I can be friends with him..." Tammy thought outloud.

"Tammy, you just want to be friends with him so you can have new games." I said, sweatdropping.

Tammy placed his hand on his chest and pretended to look shock. "Dest! How can you even suggest such a thing! You know I'll never do that!"

The entire table laughed while Tammy smiled and joined in as well. It was part of our lunchtime. We tease and joke around and sometimes hit one another but we were as close as friends can ever be.

"Oh my god!"

"Did you see me?"

"He looked at me!"

"He is so handsome!"

"He winked at me! He smiled too!"

"I'm jealous!"

"You're so lucky!"

"I know!"

Tammy then groaned. "Who wants to bet that there will soon be a Eddie Fanclub?"

Everyone exchanged looks and exclaimed, "Me!"

Tammy and I then exchanged looks, the same thought going through our minds.

How in the world were we friends with these people?