Alabastor Love
By Lady Glass

He is always too far from my mind
Forgotten, I've told you
But when you get close to me
His face is the first I see

Suspicions, I think, are beginning to rise
Yet the love of you, I cannot stop it
The tears he sees are not for him
But he does not know that

Do not tell him, please

With a final good-bye
And a kiss on the cheek
Will you leave me standing here alone?
No, you whisper softly in my ear

Never would I leave you alone

And someday when I see you again
You will hold me in your arms
And, softly, into my ear you speak
I told you, you will say, I told you

I will never leave you alone

Ah, why do I continue to write about betrayel? Am I trying to subconciously tell myself something? If you enjoyed this poem, this a sort-of-sequel to my previous poem "Dear Boy" so if you want you may want to read it!

Much love,
Lady Glass