I sat up quickly. Outside my window was a blaze of orange and red. Looking out, I saw that the village I lived in was on fire. It spread quickly from house to house. Soon our family's own home was on fire, and I screamed for my parents, brothers, and Ellie to get out of the house.
We ran out quickly, but in the confusion, had lost someone. My mother only counted four people, there should have been five, not including her. It took only a moment to realize who was missing.
"Ellie!" she cried out, and sank to her knees. By then, our whole house was ablaze. My father and two older brothers stood ridged, while I began to search around for her. I thought perhaps she had run away from the fire. It had always scared her.
"Ellie!" I called out, to the crowds of people, crying over their lost houses and possessions. Our house had stopped burning, and was now smoldering, a pile of ashes and planks of wood.
A figure stood up from the middle of the pile, and I realized it was my little sister. I ran through the debris, crying from relief. As soon as I got to her, she collapsed into my arms.
"John," I heard her whisper. I pulled her away, held her shoulders, and looked into her eyes. They were no longer the brilliant blue, but clouded over with the smoke of the fire. Dust and ash were mixed in her hair. She coughed, and ash flew out of her mouth and nose.
My tears of joy quickly turned into tears of sadness. I looked at her, trying to smile and tell her that it would be all right, but she only shook her head. She had inhaled too much smoke and ash to live. Her lungs were filled with dust, and soon she would suffocate.
"I love you John," she whispered, coughed weakly, and then her body went limp. I fell to my knees and held my little sister. I stared up into the sky and asked why she was taken from me. Something in the sky caught my eye.
A brilliant, shooting star, was soaring across the dark blue sky. I remembered what Ellie had once told me, about the stars being angels, and I knew that that shooting star was her soul, going to heaven.
I stood up, and gently picked up the body of my little sister. I cradled her as if she were a baby again, and brought her to my family. As my mother sobbed over her body, I remember hearing that the fire was caused by the Queen. She had sent soldiers to set the village on fire.
Hatred filled my body, and I knew from that moment, that I would kill the woman who had done this.