I sighed darkly, and turned to the woman who I had befriended against my own beliefs. She again asked me what was wrong. I only shook my head, and scooted away from her, and lay down on my blanket, and tried to fall asleep. I heard her get up, and approach me, but I purposely kept my eyes close. I felt her come near me, and I could hear her gently breathing in my ear. I felt her lips touch mine, and a kiss formed. She pulled away, and then walked back over to her side of the fire, and fell asleep.
I opened my eyes. Was I still dreaming or did I wake up? White light surrounded me and I had to cover my eyes to keep from going blind. I heard a beautiful voice, calling me, off in the distance. My first instinct was to follow it, and I did.
As I walked, the voice calling me grew louder and louder. Then, it felt as if it's source were right next to me. I unshaded my eyes, and when I thought the light around me was bright, the light I saw next blinded me.
After my eyes had finally adjusted, I looked towards the source of the angelic sound. A girl with silver-blonde hair and blue eyes was singing. It was my Ellie. My little sister.
"Ellie!" I cried out in happiness. I held out my arms for her to run into, but she remained where she was. I stared at her. She was just as I remembered her. Only she didn't look happy to see me.
"John," she said, "what are you doing with this woman named Theresa?" she asked.
"I-" I started, "I made a mistake. I knew I promised I would avenge your death on her, but...it has become more complicated...I-" she cut me off.
"No," you misunderstand me, she said. "Why is she still your captive"
"Because!" I exclaimed, "She is the cause of your death! Don't you want to be avenged"
"Do I look like I need to be avenged?" she stared at me sternly. "Remember what I told mother, that one time I broke my ankle? That I was just confused between the difference of what was right and what was wrong? Have you ever considered that be the case with Theresa?" I shook my head.
"It doesn't matter. She caused your death, along with many others beside you. She has done nothing worth living for"
"What about you?" she retorted, "She loves you. You may have known it, but you do now. You showed her kindness where she thought there would be none.
Why do you think she was in the middle of the forest? I looked into her mind, and I'm telling you, she went out there because she regretted all her mistakes. She went out there to end her life, John. There is nothing worse than feeling that way." I looked at my feet.
"John, you need to take this woman away from all her pain. Take her away and love her. Brother, she loves you, return her favor"
"I can't," I protested, "she's my enemy"
"You're supposed to love your enemies, and hate the things they do...not them"
"Yes, but"
"No!" she was almost yelling now, "Listen to me John. I will always be younger than you, but I promise, I know much more than you do. Take her away and love her. Love her like you love me"
Tears filled my eyes as Ellie said that. She then approached me, and gave me a big hug. I looked down into her eyes.
"I miss you," I told her.
"I miss you too," she replied. Then she released me, and began to walk away. I tried to follow, but my feet felt like lead. Just as she was about to disappear off into the distance, I heard her voice like a whisper inside my head.
"Love her." Then she was gone.